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  • Keep at it 06/06/2018  1:14pm

    Don't let the propaganda discourage you -- stay vigilant in your fight against Jen Rudolph.

    I'm sure many of you are aware of AGR's Elevate program. This is a pyramid ponzi scientology-level scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look good by comparison. Per the Facebook posts, there are 10,000 members of her Green Lounge that she wants to recruit for her mastermind program at $300 a pop. Do the math. Her goal is to fleece 3 MILLION dollars from the community in exchange for...motivational speaking vlogs? Om work? OM WORK?! How has the FBI not gotten involved in this RICO scam? I understand that a fool and their money are quick to part, and predatory lending is a major contributor to the banking industry's GDP, but can't SAG-AFTRA or some casting director step in and put an end to this madness?

    At least the corner dope-pusher will give you the first bag for free...


    It is beyond horrifying that these posts keep disappearing. Back stage moderators you should be ASHAMED of yourselves. I’m just at a loa for words at this point. Somebody needs to stop this woman. Please. Somebody with the money to make a documentary. EXPOSE HER

    Qhduisiahshsjdu 06/06/2018  1:44pm

    Besides what she's doing, she is so nasty. Watch just a few minutes of any of her videos. Her ego is massive and she is condescending, rude and inappropriate in the way she speaks. Seriously, what can we do?

    cm12 06/06/2018  2:58pm

    @backstageadmin - i asked for an explanation of your blatant deletion of these posts with no explanation... you didnt respond and yet again, disappeared. care to share? or does she have u in her back pocket? are you on her payroll?

    galliegirl 06/06/2018  3:32pm

    she is evil

    confusedandbaffled 06/06/2018  4:55pm

    Lol, wow... you all just sound super jealous that she’s found a way to get paid in this industry and you haven’t. If her services weren’t worth paying for, she wouldn’t be in business. You all sound like people who whine about the cost of MFF. You’re too lazy to go run and do jumping jacks in the park for free... but rainbows and unicorns and questionably straight trainers shouldn’t cost anything? Please! Make your own connections, network yourself, go to open calls. If you want an easier route, be prepared to pay for it. EVERYONE deserves to get paid for the services they offer. When there are literally hundreds of thousands of people in this industry (most of which don’t belong doing it), the competition is steep. How dare she price herself based on the market value of her services!!!

    Mr. Noodles 06/06/2018  8:27pm

    Well we know Mr. Noodles is part of her cult. Noodles-it isn’t about the money she charges for her services. It’s about the fact that her services are a sham AND she’s charging fee upon fee for basically nothing in return. She’s a hack and the whole company is a joke.

    nyuactorkid 06/06/2018  10:42pm

    She’s found a way to get her coins. Find your own.

    No one’s making you use her service.

    Mr. Noodles 06/07/2018  4:27am

    It truly amazes me how quick we all are to bring someone successful down because of our own jealously and personal insecurities.

    There is not enough room for all of us in this instruct. Even if everyone was actually talented (though a good portion are not!), there is not enough room for everyone! It is The Hunger Games, it is The Walking Dead... it is the survival of the fittest, honey. Everyone doesn’t get a trophy here. So if you don’t have a trust fund or strong knee pads, learn that smart work will always pay off harder than hard work. No one cares about hard work unless you’re lucky.

    Mr. Noodles 06/07/2018  4:32am

    I can see how AGR would be beneficial to anyone who has never had an under-five in his or her life. That's about it.

    confusedandbaffled 06/07/2018  2:20pm

    I teach and I am an actor. I have followed and investigated so many of the pay to play platforms. From the get go (maybe I am too judgmental) I was immediately put off. Something in my gut YEARS ago put me off so I never went there. Since then I have heard so many stories and been enraged that my students have spent $$$ with her and been bullied, disrespected, etc. etc. And she insists on CASH for so may things? Hello, IRS??

    forbiddenbroadway 06/07/2018  10:06pm

    ok, well, some of us are trained, talented actors who for whatever reason (perhaps lack of $ to attend workshops) have not been so lucky as to have broken into the industry with our first "under 5" yet, so lets not shit on each other, since extras get bumped into co-stars, clearly things are not fair in this journey, but yes Jen Rudolph is the definition of a monster and I would sing a new song onto the lord if she was to get busted and AGR shut down

    poopmachine 06/08/2018  12:19am

    HI guys :) This is Jen Rudolph from AGR. Does anyone have questions to personally ask me? I would be happy to answer. In terms of Elevate, it is a training hub which offers online classes on business mastery, marketing, how to create your own work and holistic elements with top mentors. It is $300 for the year and I am not sure how this is a pyramid scheme or scheme of any kind. It's school. I am sorry some of you find me rude. I would love to hear from you directly.

    jenrudolphagr 10/10/2018  5:06pm

    What’s pretty clear is they don’t have a lot to say. Ultimately it becomes people who didn’t get their expectations met. No matter how unrealistic or unexpressed. It doesn’t matter. Somebody’s head must roll. They’d never want to personally reflect on themselves and examine that. So it is useless to try for dialogue. So many of these threads have that issue. Hence the need to run to an forum called Bitching Post. It is made of a group of people who have little to lose except their importance in their own minds. But they often aim at others making huge dramatic gestures ie monsters.. shut her down ...often #me too. Then when a true attempt for a dialogue occurs they vanish. Only because they were trying to strike out. Not to solve. Not to warn. But to just prove they too matter, that they are not invisible. Now I don’t know Jen but I am an actress and have had to address that As an actress I would like to impact people but don’t have enough outlets. If you are going to point fingers (which you have a right to do) when you then have a chance to have a dialogue, if you can’t state anything other than a feeling,all you are offering is opinion (again which you have a right to) but you turn it into global statements. This woman has a business. She, I assume must have worked had for it. If you don’t like the services, fair enough, then don’t use it. But to stand on a soap box and call, in your eyes, name, to challenge anyone who sees it differently than you, only diminishes your point.

    even faker name 10/10/2018  5:44pm

    To also give a glimpse into who I am as a person. Because I care so much about my community, I personally paid for a 70 year old actress' roundtrip flight and tuition to Rome for a holistic retreat. I bussed down an actress from New Hampshire and put her up at a hotel so that she could experience the AGR community in person. I paid for a guy from Washington DC to come up and attend an event. A woman drove from Cleveland to attend a workshop and was exhausted so I put her up at the W Hotel. I say all this so that you can see that my heart is actually involved. I give away various free CD intensives and discounts constantly. There is no other CEO in my business who does any of this nor do they even have a presence. I care. Always have and always will.

    jenrudolphagr 10/10/2018  6:07pm

    To quote you " I still call BS and wish you well in your "work on casting"

    Oh and also 10/10/2018  7:29pm

    sorry wrong thread

    Oh and also 10/10/2018  7:31pm


    Why do you always feel the need to advertise giving things away for free or helping people out? It almost feels as if your intentions arent genuine. Why do you need people to know that you are helping people out? Usually, I have found that people that 'really care' dont feel the need to have to advertise what they have done for people. They simply do it, without anyone having to watch, applaud, or acknowledge them.

    Also, what was with the bullying of Bonnie a while ago? The posts on the Green Room were really uncalled for, and it was almost as if you were trying to rile everyone up and encourage people to make fun of her and her business. Why spread that negativity?

    randomname22 10/10/2018  9:06pm

    @Jen: I have personally been very insulted by you putting down actors with MFA's. I've seen/heard it on a few occasions. I have my MFA and number one, I worked EXTREMELY hard to get into a program and to stay in the program. Second, I have learned to be very business savvy. I am fully aware that my reps only do 10/15% of the work. I have been and continue to pound the pavement which has resulted in me getting in the room a lot and booking work. Also, not all MFA actors get agents as you've said. I went to one of the top programs and only half my class got signed.

    anotheractor915 10/10/2018  9:34pm

    You guys are so tough. Wowsers. I was relaying the info about what I have given as a means to educate about who I am - not to applaud myself. But like some have said...this is a bit of lynch mob no matter what is said so I will probably stop responding.

    RE MFAs...
    Perhaps you have me confused with someone else? I think MFA's are great - especially if you wish to go into the theater realm or teach or to further your training. I don't recall ever saying that everyone with an MFA gets an agent/manager. That's not true. One definitely has a better shot at it coming from a highly esteemed program much like a highly esteemed undergrad program. It's also not a guarantee of keeping a rep as most reps will drop you within 1-2 years after signing you right out a program if you don't book. Having an MFA is a personal choice but an an insurance to book work.

    jenrudolphagr 10/10/2018  10:54pm

    i don't quite understand this vendetta against AGR. She's no different than AC or 1on1 or any of them. They have found a niche in this industry and there is demand for their services. Sure, there is something predatory about it - given that probably 90% of the people who pour hundreds into these "classes" yield zero outcomes, but it does work for some, and offers access to people without agents, etc. The Machiavellian side of me appreciates Jen Rudolph for seeing a need and leaning into it in order to profit for her own personal gain. In almost any industry, there are versions of "pay to plays" - ie. think business conference, networking dinners, etc. They all come at a price tag. We're not so unique.

    dopplegang 10/10/2018  11:04pm

    @dopplegang - the only difference is that I am a presence and a voice vrs my competitors who aren't. I am actively involved and have a big community following and am invested in my actors. I am a public figure vrs an invisible one sending impersonal emails sans having a community.

    jenrudolphagr 10/10/2018  11:07pm

    jen - do you screen your talent? I know for a fact you don't. Therefore, how can you claim to be an advocate for people who may not even be competent or bookable? Just be as honest as your competitors - this is a business.

    dopplegang 10/10/2018  11:17pm

    @doppelgang I am being completely transparent. We accept actors from the ground up so we let everyone partake in classes at AGR. I advocate for those I know and trust who I feel I can truly make a difference for under specific circumstances.

    jenrudolphagr 10/10/2018  11:50pm

    Ok so where are the folks calling out monster. It seems that AGR is no different than any other pay to play. So can we get off of attacking her. It seems pretty clear that when she comes on the forum and wants to answer things, you don’t ha e a whole lot to say. You seem to like venting not truly knowing. As someone else said it seems to be a loop. It seems pretty clear that for many of us (myself included) when we don’t get what we want we get hurt. To me this is where an actor or artist must go further. To begin to understand the reasoning of why they might want to strike out. Either turn all of this into art or just become a protester. One takes very little creative energy. Just being reactionary. The other takes real creativity. Just my thoughts

    Anotherfatso 10/11/2018  8:19am

    To Jen. It is important to realize that no matter what as you said it is a matter of perception. Look at the Circle in the Square thread bellow. One person comes on and tells everyone that a teacher is a bully another says that he is the greatest and is quoated by Lady Gaga as inspirational. The problem today is many folks know how to use the internet in a way to incite. The use words that cause strong reactions. This of course in damaging as it is meant to be, but it is also becoming like crying wolf. If everything has the same amount of pain and agony and monster ness, than it all becomes the same. It is party of why actors are not taken too seriously by the general world anymore. While it is unfortunate that someone who disagrees with something can’t simply chose to not involve themselves they have taken it upon themselves to “warn” as if they are on a mission. Of course warning on a forum called Bitching Post could seem highly suspect. At a certain point they just have to sit with their opinions and do whatever they may about them. Their loop can’t be broken, because they don’t want it to.

    Anotherfatso 10/11/2018  8:36am

    BTW Where is the OP????

    Anotherfatso 10/11/2018  10:50am