• Received a self tape request, due Sunday.

    briankzzz 06/08/2018  5:38am

    For Sierra Rep? What parts were you asked to tape for Sunday? I got asked as well

    hereweare 06/08/2018  10:41am

    I was asked to send in by the 6th of this week. Maybe they're looking for different parts on Sunday?

    06/08/2018  12:44pm

    Miss Great Plains here.

    briankzzz 06/08/2018  12:47pm

    When did you request an audition?

    06/08/2018  1:42pm

    I had the same timeline as you. Due the 6th. Waiting to hear back

    hereweare 06/08/2018  2:10pm

    what role @hereweare ?

    06/08/2018  2:22pm

    Same. Due in Wed., the 6th. Then they emailed me Thursday and I’ve heard nothing else since then.

    Samplesize 06/09/2018  10:59am

    What’d they email you on Thursday ?

    06/09/2018  2:31pm

    I had a request for taped sides for Frankie by tomorrow (Sunday)

    hufflepoof 06/09/2018  10:50pm

    Do we know if there are offers out for any roles?

    briankzzz 06/10/2018  11:44am

    Any offers ?

    06/10/2018  12:20pm

    Rehearsal starts the 26th so they have to be rolling out soon

    hufflepoof 06/10/2018  1:47pm

    Anyone submit for Deep South?

    06/10/2018  2:37pm


    06/10/2018  4:18pm


    06/10/2018  5:35pm

    Hey! I was in for Deep South, havent heard anything since Thursday.

    hereweare 06/10/2018  7:10pm

    What all did they tell you on Thursday?

    06/10/2018  7:15pm


    06/11/2018  10:54am

    Still haven't heard

    hereweare 06/11/2018  1:15pm


    06/11/2018  3:20pm

    Received an offer this morning!

    Helga Fierstein 06/11/2018  3:44pm

    Offer for what role?

    06/11/2018  3:48pm

    Yay Helga! Me too. Congrats

    Samplesize 06/11/2018  4:24pm

    Anyone get an offer for Deep South?

    hereweare 06/11/2018  5:13pm


    06/11/2018  5:30pm


    06/11/2018  7:45pm

    Does anyone know if they’ve given a contract for miss deep south?

    younger-chuckles 06/11/2018  8:37pm

    Great Plains anyone?

    briankzzz 06/12/2018  12:05pm


    06/12/2018  1:19pm


    06/12/2018  2:41pm

    Bump for other roles on offer

    briankzzz 06/13/2018  1:09pm

    Got an offer for Deep South

    hereweare 06/13/2018  4:58pm