• Job opening for the summer 06/08/2018  8:49am

    Hi there,

    I posted 2 months ago about needing to pick up some flexible hours for work, through someone here I got a referral code for VIPkid (Chinese online tutoring company).

    I thought it was bullshit, it wasn't and I'm making over $1500 a month setting my own hours. I'm able to ALMOST pay all of my loans and rent off of ONLY VIPkid.

    I have a referral code blah blah blah, but honestly just wanted to share that it's not BS, it actually is a VERY real and VERY logical option for actors.

    Shoot me an email at vipkidhelper@gmail.com - I can guide you along the way of getting hired (it's genuinely not hard) and answer any questions you have.


    Hey Beltbox, sent you an email!

    kdaily 06/11/2018  9:28am

    Me too!

    smoked87 06/11/2018  5:55pm

    YOOOOO this is TRUE. I've been teaching for them for a while and keep wondering why there aren't more MT peeps on this site.

    I used Hayley ^^^ to get hired and she was awesome and super helpful. The hiring process is a touch intense but it's cake after dat. I'd post my referral code too, but I'm not as experienced as H and I want you to get hired lol.

    You have to have a Bachelors degree, but I had only babysat (never tutored) and got hired in 4 days.

    whatareyousinging 06/12/2018  8:58am

    I don’t understand what I have to speak

    Sassyone 06/12/2018  1:58pm


    Sassyone 06/12/2018  2:37pm

    Hi! Nope, you are teaching English to chinese kiddos. They have basics "Hello", "Goodbye" but you're teaching them how to read. There's a curriculum that you follow. It's pretty straight forward.

    Beltbox 06/13/2018  1:50pm

    Emailed her and got hired within 4 days. Teaching my first 3 classes this weekend.

    TBH I hear a lot of people fail because they don't have someone helping them through the steps. Hayley was super helpful and I'm pretty sure I would've failed if she hadn't helped.

    Great for ADDITIONAL income, I wouldn't say it'll my primary source, but def. will help with loans (ugh).

    simplelittlefigs 06/13/2018  1:53pm

    I'm very interested in applying to this job! I've been looking for something that allows me to work at home, still make a decent wage, AND audition. Can you describe exactly what kind of work/teaching this job requires? Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

    GalindaWithAGah 06/14/2018  12:16pm

    just watch it with your taxes! same with Wag.

    since you are an independent contractor, you will get a 1099 and if you don't save appropriately, you will get fucked come tax season.

    fml 06/14/2018  9:25pm