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  • Sexist Name 06/10/2018  2:35pm

    What’s with the name of this site. It is sexist and I have a real problem with it. The use of B•••h is insulting to woman. I want others like me who are called this word to take a stand. Silence= violence. Use=abuse. So don’t use it


    We should all have only this to worry about. Gurllll Pleassse

    Morningstar 06/10/2018  6:38pm

    We should all have only this to worry about. Gurllll Pleassse

    Morningstar 06/10/2018  6:39pm

    LMFAO.... I'm gonna assume this is a joke. If not.... bless your snowflake heart! haha.

    lalalaland 06/11/2018  10:40pm


    Rain On my Parade 06/12/2018  1:56am

    Lets just change it to The Mansplaining Post.

    Pam Poovey 06/12/2018  10:52am

    But it’s still offensive. Point being we have to understand this is still offensive to someone and why are we not addressing that. Why is backstage condoning this?

    Sassyone 06/12/2018  11:33am

    What does any of all this matter anyway since most everything on a blog is a bunch of shit that is steered in a way to make you think the way of the writer. Use your brains. Read this blog to simple get a question answered. All the rest is usually people with a bone to pick or an ax to grind. So I love when we all accuse each other of making up names and having our friends comment. We all do that everyone on this blog is doing that. So if you’re bothered by the name don’t use it. If you are not bothered by the name use it. Everybody has the right to choose.

    MT 06/12/2018  11:53am

    Hello everyone,

    Let's all please keep the vulgar language to a minimum, as per the community guidelines. We're typically a little more lax here in this particular section of the forum, but there's a hard no on the C word, thanks.

    BackstageAdmin 06/12/2018  11:56am

    Backstage, can we change the name of the forum to "Aggression Alley" or the "Hate Hall" or better yet the "Caustic Conclave"? I've always been a fan of alliteration.

    CorinthianAge 06/12/2018  12:00pm

    Back stage doesn’t care. They care about money. They realize that about 90% of what they do no longer really matters to working actors. So if they can create something that keeps them relevant well so be it until they get sued

    AustinBoy 06/12/2018  12:01pm

    I don’t know why we seem to be ridiculing @mollogolly. She has a valid point. We could name it something masculine and negative but we don’t. We call it bitching. Next we will claim it is “On their Period board”. It is time for this negative relationship to women to end. Backstage you should be more aware of this. If you are unaware I will reach out to others like me who are sensitive to this issue. I thought this board would be a safe place to air issues

    Bernshe 06/12/2018  12:54pm

    Hey everyone:

    We will be updating you shortly about changes that we're going to make to AU that will hopefully address all your concerns.

    If you have any immediate feedback or questions, you are welcome to email us at Thank you.

    overanalyzingtv 06/12/2018  1:10pm

    Oh no, are you the one that got Gypsy Housing to change it's name? What a great Facebook page that was. I can never remember the new name.

    whattheheck 06/12/2018  1:11pm

    Someone should contact a lawyer. This sight seems completely sexist/biased/sensational and of course with 0 responsibility because let’s face it it’s the internet and its anonymous. But BS benefits! So thanks Molligolly for speaking your truth. It’s time corporations like backstage are held accountable

    Helapt 06/12/2018  1:19pm

    You know they will delete this!

    Helapt 06/12/2018  1:20pm

    To prove they don’t take any responsibility to join you can make a fake email to create an account. Try it Start as many as you like. It’s fun tell the kids. Like I said they will erase this

    Helapt 06/12/2018  1:23pm

    They take no accountability for anything. They allow everybody to say anything unless it affects them. Boycott backstage!

    Sassyone 06/12/2018  1:57pm

    lol wut.

    bruiserwhereiselle 06/12/2018  2:04pm

    You know they aren't using it calling people a "bitch", right? It's used as the verb "bitch", which in the dictionary is stated:

    "to express displeasure; grumble"

    I would get it if it was used with the intent to offend people, but in this case it's a verb. Used to describe an action. Not people.

    bruiserwhereiselle 06/12/2018  2:09pm

    Calm down everyone. While I do think this board has gotten out of control. I like it. It seems like it needs some guidelines and sensitivities. It has allowed people to be ridiculed/knocked/ use terrible language and only when it hurts Backstage does it stop. Admin. Please please review your board. Change the name if that helps verify people if that helps stop allowing what can seem like opinions if they are something else. Stop name calling. So this can work

    Out of control actress 06/12/2018  2:10pm

    Admin Why do you allow this?

    Sassyone 06/12/2018  2:39pm

    Even the dictionary is sexist. It still is the root word for a female dog! There is alot of lying on this site. I don't trust it and will go elsewhere to speak to fellow actors.

    cheye 06/12/2018  2:57pm

    root word
    : the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
    2 a often offensive : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
    b often offensive : a lewd or immoral woman
    3 : something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
    4 : complaint

    cheye 06/12/2018  2:59pm

    Funny how many of you stay silent. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

    cheye 06/12/2018  3:09pm

    This is a valid critique and we have no intention of removing this post. We will however trim out replies that add nothing to the conversation other than to antagonize, or otherwise violate our community guidelines.

    Feel free to add any additional feedback you have. As we've mentioned several times, we'll be making some big changes here in the coming weeks, so feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

    BackstageAdmin 06/12/2018  4:03pm

    I think this is a nonissue and the poster didn't get any audition appointments this week so they want to feel important hence this post.

    I think that Backstage should spend more time dealing with abusive behavior and less time focusing of people complaining about things that dont matter.

    Icanseeyou 06/12/2018  4:31pm

    Glad that helps you to attack her

    Lillilisa 06/12/2018  5:14pm

    OMG when is the site changing it is driving me insane. Please please please

    Lady Miss Cookie 06/12/2018  9:26pm

    It’s like there’s 5 people on it all the time HELLO HELLO 👋

    Lady Miss Cookie 06/12/2018  9:28pm

    This has got to be a troll. A PLUS TROLLING

    andmine'scosette 06/13/2018  3:21pm

    Maybe if we also kept a running log of dick moves?

    Ranger Rick 06/13/2018  3:57pm