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  • Losing SAG insurance 06/10/2018  6:36pm

    Anybody out there losing or lost their healthcare and no what COBRA will cost or look like. Any alternatives?


    Don’t know what sag cobra costs look like but AEA cobra is like $950/month. Go to the Actors Fund. They helped me get new insurance when my AEA insurance ran out. Even learned that there is a cobra subsidy that you may qualify for depending on your income. They have informational meetings every week and after you go to that you can get a one on one appointment with an insurance navigator. All free.

    sngrgirl1 06/11/2018  10:45pm

    If you are in NY State, visit the insurance exchange marketplace. You should be able to qualify for a low-cost plan that works out to about 20-50 a month

    salonandspa 06/12/2018  12:29am

    Thank you for posting a real question. So here is my add on. What about the dental part? I guess that just gets lost? I had dental with my SAG. It was amaz👄

    Lady Miss Cookie 06/12/2018  9:32pm

    As far as insurance the NYS marketplace is the best and if you are not earning now it will offer supplemental help. As far as dental. Good luck. Try Delta Dental insurance. It doesn’t cover everything but offers reduction. The problem is finding dentist that are in network. Hope this doesn’t get lost in all the mess of a page

    Sarah mom 06/13/2018  5:52am

    Also try Humana for dental. Much better than Delta. On the exchange

    Sally Peanut 06/13/2018  9:32am

    If you need dental. Nothing to complex I hope. You can go to NYU dental school. I think they only do it on certain days. I would not have anything to complex. It is with young DDS and their teachers.

    KellivonKellis 06/13/2018  5:37pm