• West Side Story EURO TOUR @ Appointments 02/26/2013  2:48pm

    Has anyone received an appointment for this yet? Again, the Euro tour---no non-eq US tour.


    I asked my agent about it, and as of now I think it's just an open call.

    LadyLuck 02/26/2013  3:14pm

    I received an email saying I would be brought in, and they gave me the date. They did not give a time, saying they'd be following up with that info. I'm presuming sometime this week.

    YesQueens 02/26/2013  3:41pm

    Got a call today with sides/music for Maria.

    J1 02/26/2013  9:00pm

    non-eq/no agent. received a time slot for an appt. next wednesday
    good luck everyone!!

    LittleLion 02/27/2013  9:39am

    How did you submit to this? Was there an email submission address or did you send in a hard copy?

    DressedinyourPyjamas 02/27/2013  12:55pm

    Is the submission address the same as last year's?

    frecklysoprano1 02/27/2013  1:42pm

    Just to check, are you guys talking about the NON-EQUITY tour or the EUROPEAN tour?
    And if you are talking about the European tour, where did you get the info to submit yourself/do you have the address and who to write to??
    Thanks so much for your help!

    GrindingPavement 02/28/2013  8:34am