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  • Jekyll & Hyde at North Shore @ other 06/13/2018  6:54pm

    Has anyone (females) received an appt for this? My male friends have. Thx!


    My agent said principle auditions are at the end of the month and they are waiting in a time for me.

    Singerboy1 06/14/2018  12:58am

    Hey, did h receieve an appt yet? I still haven’t, but I was told by them a couple wks ago that I would. Hmmm

    Juicy1104 06/18/2018  11:03am

    Bump on appointments yet for next week in NYC?

    Juicy1104 06/19/2018  11:32am

    Yes I got my appt on Friday from my agents. It’s for another week from now!

    KellyBrooke345 06/19/2018  12:06pm