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  • the office musical parody @ Pearl Studios 06/13/2018  7:00pm

    does anyone have the casting director's contact info for this? this call was posted on AA. i requested a reschedule for my appointment and received a cMail saying "please see changes" but i see no new date/time for my appointment... her name is Lindsay Brooks and i can't find her contact info anywhere. someone pls help!


    It might be a change in the Breakdown?
    or in sides if you got sides through Showfax?
    I would exhaust those options before you hunt the team down.

    BariToxic 06/13/2018  7:07pm

    when did you get your appt? today? i just submitted a few hours ago.

    galliegirl 06/13/2018  9:14pm

    Appt for Tues.

    Smactor 06/14/2018  1:30am

    i’ll check those things out—but i requested an appointment reschedule and that’s what she was responding to. my original appointment was for tuesday. i’ll hunt around more !

    beltingbadass 06/14/2018  12:26pm