• Every actor @ Midtown West 02/26/2013  6:18pm

    Congratulations. Today was insane. Everything everywhere was madness and you did it. You went. You put the time in and that's was the job today. You could have slept in, you could have turned around when you saw the lines, but you didn't. Just in case no one in casting told you this today- you are talented and important and attractive and fun to be around and you will work. You will work because on a day like today you pounded the pavement. Now go eat that burrito. You earned it.



    pennyforyourthoughts 02/26/2013  6:37pm

    You're amazing, thank you! xo

    Bento Tinderbox 02/26/2013  6:57pm

    Thank you. I needed to see this today!

    theruraljuror 02/26/2013  6:57pm

    Eating pasta as I read this!! Never have I had such a pleasant day auditioning with such sweet & talented performers. Everyone gave it today! Thanks for this post!! We did it!

    causeimablonde 02/26/2013  7:03pm


    Blue Thread 02/26/2013  7:37pm

    much needed and much appreciated - thank you!

    rockyraccoon 02/26/2013  10:13pm