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  • Man of La Mancha (Engeman) @ Pearl Studios 07/10/2018  5:02pm

    Callbacks are supposed to be Thursday and Friday, so we should hear very soon.

    Unless they were giving them out in the room and I didn't get one... :(


    Emails tonight!

    abcdes 07/11/2018  12:17pm

    Any principle callbacks for tomorrow after yesterday's appts?

    Tommy98 07/11/2018  2:00pm

    Who was in the room today??

    abcdes 07/11/2018  3:57pm

    Richard Dolce (Producing Artistic Director)
    Peter Flynn (Director)
    Dev Janki (Choreographer)
    Vic DiMonda (Associate Producing Director)
    Gayle Seay, Holly Buczek (Wojcik/Seay Casting)
    Matthew Maimone (Accompanist)

    lexwildcat 07/11/2018  4:40pm

    BUMP on any callbacks from today's call

    ThatsAllforToday 07/11/2018  6:43pm


    abcdes 07/11/2018  7:08pm


    dance3looks3honestly 07/11/2018  7:37pm


    John Cena 07/11/2018  8:53pm

    The BUMP of La Mancha

    abcdes 07/11/2018  8:57pm

    Anything ?? I’m assuming that if I haven’t heard by now that I didn’t get one ?

    sensiblescrelt 07/11/2018  9:32pm

    It's just weird that if they have gone out nobody has commented

    abcdes 07/11/2018  9:38pm

    At this point though... I don’t know. Maybe they are waiting until tomorrow for callbacks on Friday.

    sensiblescrelt 07/11/2018  9:47pm

    Fingers crossed

    abcdes 07/11/2018  9:53pm

    I got my callback email around 6pm for Ensemble/Muleteer for Friday.

    DL83 07/11/2018  10:21pm

    And you auditioned today right?

    abcdes 07/11/2018  10:40pm


    DL83 07/11/2018  11:19pm

    Any principle callbacks for tomorrow after yesterday's appts?

    Tommy98 07/11/2018  11:31pm

    I guess if we didn’t hear by now, then that’s it right?

    meeeeeeee 07/12/2018  7:56am

    Any ladies called back from open call?

    hamiltonsbae 07/12/2018  8:11am

    Got a principal call from the open call for Antonia/stand by

    goshdammit 07/12/2018  12:02pm

    Did anybody from Tuesday's appointments ever hear anything?

    It seems like everyone on here went to Wednesday's open call.

    DoYouHaveAnythingElsePrepared? 07/12/2018  12:15pm

    @goshdamit when did you get the callback?

    abcdes 07/12/2018  12:40pm

    Yesterday around 2ish

    goshdammit 07/12/2018  1:07pm

    Did anybody at all get a principle callback for today from Tuesday's appts???

    Tommy98 07/12/2018  1:43pm

    Yes. Principal appointment Tuesday and principal callback today.
    Good luck everyone!

    nycnme 07/12/2018  5:30pm