• Dammit nola! @ 02/27/2013  12:03pm

    I'm sorry to anyone who works at nola, but....

    GOD this building sucks. It's dreary, it lacks mirrors and outlets (I mean come on. The bathrooms don't have outlets??), the hallways are badly marked. I just never enjoy auditioning here. I might as well be auditioning in the subway


    Whoops! That was for the Bitching Post...


    snuffles 02/27/2013  12:04pm

    Don't give them any ideas. Next backstage: "Audition for new musical on the E train. Song length must be timed appropriately between stops. Good news is, if you get Roosevelt Avenue, you'll get a full two minutes in the room. Bad news is the homeless will be choreographing the dance call."

    nevergetsupearlyenough 02/27/2013  12:33pm

    Hahahaha love it

    nickname 02/27/2013  1:29pm

    ^ Amazing

    Bento Tinderbox 02/27/2013  1:50pm

    And the accompanist will be a four piece mariachi band.

    AuditionUpdate 02/27/2013  3:21pm

    ^But may not transpose.

    J1 02/27/2013  4:39pm

    Attention all performas!

    I be sellin m&ms, Skittles, and famous Amos cookies for one dolla for all non equity-

    However! I do have WELCHES FRUIT SNACKS two for one dolla but you must show ya equity chard. EMC will be served inventory permittin

    Dos anyone wanna buy a snack ?

    consignhc 02/27/2013  4:50pm


    god i love you guys.

    snuffles 02/27/2013  7:52pm