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    New_dawn_rising 07/11/2018  8:13pm


    Randomgirl2242 07/11/2018  11:44pm


    Justflewinfromcincy 07/12/2018  9:25am


    actormcgee 07/12/2018  2:18pm

    Agent Appts were today

    MaleGrad 07/12/2018  4:30pm

    I know. They were yesterday as well! Just seeing if any callbacks went out!

    Justflewinfromcincy 07/12/2018  5:32pm

    male grad were they calling back itr?

    Justflewinfromcincy 07/12/2018  7:11pm

    No in the room callbacks!!!

    Jynqb28 07/12/2018  7:42pm

    thanks, jy! Are callbacks out now?

    Justflewinfromcincy 07/12/2018  10:11pm

    thank you, this is helpful, i was there per agent appointment yesterday, do we think callbacks were not in fact today? (despite it saying on the breakdown they were going to be?)

    LoveActingGirl 07/13/2018  12:21pm

    Yesterday came in at the end of day, director worked with me, which was lovely...wasnt sure if there were going to be further callbacks, but didn’t ask!

    red 07/13/2018  4:52pm

    As far as I know callbacks were today, I was out of town and they asked me to put myself on tape and they needed it by today, if that helps.

    LaVidaLoca 07/13/2018  9:49pm

    lavidaloca....did you go to the EPA or agent call?

    red 07/14/2018  10:54am

    Red, I didn't go to either, I have worked with the director and at the theatre before, so casting just asked me to put myself on tape, I am in LA, and said to make sure they had the tape by Friday.

    LaVidaLoca 07/14/2018  1:27pm

    Thanks! That’s encouraging!!...at least I think so! Good luck to us all!!!

    red 07/14/2018  5:06pm

    red, I suspect there are no further callbacks, if Chris worked with you that's a very good sign btw...

    LaVidaLoca 07/14/2018  5:21pm

    Thanks!! I hope so, would love to work with him!

    red 07/14/2018  6:06pm

    From what they told me they only had callbacks for the jack/algy/cecily tracks on Friday. Hope this helps!

    NeverWantedToPost 07/14/2018  7:28pm

    Thanks, never! I am up for another part. ;-)

    red 07/14/2018  9:17pm

    Just bumping this up, any offers out yet?

    LaVidaLoca 07/16/2018  9:45am

    I just accepted an offer for this, so I assume offers are going out today. Good luck all.

    LaVidaLoca 07/16/2018  3:44pm