• so...... question. 07/12/2018  6:16am

    i have a couple out of state agents and non exclusive manager in NYC, and i had intentions of locking down an agent in NYC, but then I recently decided fuck NYC and i'm relocating to LA. does it even make sense to continue to pursue NYC agents for the remainder of my time here, or considering LA is a different market would it be a waste of time? i'm of the mindset i'd like to have an agent in NYC and get an agent in LA also. the more the merrier in my book, but yeah, wondering your thoughts. obviously the LA agents will have more relationships with LA casting vs the NYC agent who has the relationships with NYC casting. i guess I answered my own question. what about the out of state agents? would it make sense to have more than 1 agent submit for LA breakdowns or should I keep them separated to submit in their specific markets? again, my brain says have all of them submit nationally, included LA and NYC, that way casting sees my face more, but is that generally frowned upon?


    Wait until LA, and try to sign with a bicoastal agency. And when you sign an exclusive contract, you’ll have to drop everyone else — which shouldn’t change anything for you, in regards to where you have local housing or out of town opportunities.

    sosayethi 07/12/2018  9:19am