• NAB -- monologue suggestions 07/12/2018  12:27pm

    hi friends! i'm looking for a contemporary comedic monologue for a STRONG female character--a feminist, an independent woman, a badass!

    any and all suggestions would be AMAZING. thank you <3


    Ha, join the line. I think we’re all looking for that elusive, perfect comic piece. Seems almost impossible to find the perfect one.

    meeshoo 07/12/2018  2:06pm

    Lowkey, I would find female comics you like and check their stand-up sets for good monologues, watch shows and movies by funny women or books by them. IMO theatre needs to do better at comedy all around but it's the WORST for women (man speaking.) Male writers writing comedy for women I'm sure you're aware sUCKS. Most of the women I know who are hysterical and are killing the game either write their own or take them from the sources I mentioned above. Good luck.

    Aphetoros 07/13/2018  5:23pm

    it’s SO difficult to find comedic monologues for women that are actually... comedic. and then there’s the issue of, well, if i’m auditioning for a play, my monologue should probably be from a published play... right? it’s all bullshit 😭

    beltingbadass 07/16/2018  12:01am

    One of my most well received monologues I do is from a little indie film I saw while in college that didn't go very far commercially, but I really loved and felt it fit me. I use it for play auditions all the time - people sometimes ask me where it's from, and I'll tell them the movie title without specifying it's a movie and no one ever bats an eye. It's been a great addition for me. So do a deep search of the internet/Netflix!

    Cattress 07/16/2018  6:32am

    I used to do a monologue from Designing Women - I used the episode name vs the sitcom name, and its an old enough series no one recognized it.

    emuhe 07/16/2018  9:14am