• Fulton's Seasonal EPA @ Pearl Studios 02/27/2013  4:02pm

    Not Sure I'm posting this in the right place on here, but I just wanted to ease some stress....
    I posted an ad -advertising the Seasonal EPA for Fulton Theatre's entire season. This is a requirement for the theatre and we do this every season. This is a great time for me to meet people that I don't know well, see a new side of people I do know well, make sure I haven't forgotten someone that I love, fall in love with new folk, let me know you have local housing and you are a local hire, and/or let me know you might be out-of-town when we have the individual calls for each of these shows. We rarely, if ever, directly cast something from this one 2-3 minute audition. BUT we always have auditions for each show individually throughout the year.
    What I'm trying to say is....don't panic if you cannot make it in to audition for a seasonal EPA (especially for a theatre that you know auditions in NYC all year long)....I know it is a busy audition season. This is an EPA audition to cover a whole "season".....Every show we are doing throughout the year will be advertised again when we are focusing on just that one show....for instance...our seasonal EPA is 3/12 but our auditions for the first two shows of the season Woman in Black and Joseph will be advertised soon for the following week....I'm only saying this, so everyone knows that they will have more chances, and that when the see the Equity Self Submit request and Chorus Call Ads for each individual show...this is when we are primarily focusing on those shows, and that is another perfect time to contact or get seen for the shows. I truly hope this makes sense, and is not too confusing. I'm sure I'll get flack for something I've said here, but I'm just trying to help and ease some stress.
    Looking forward to seeing you sooner or later, literally.
    Also, Fulton always has Non-Union contracts available, all LORT C theaters do. We make ever effort possible to see all talent that wants to attend auditions, and often schedule specific non-eq calls.
    Happy Wednesday! -bob

    Bob Cline Casting

    Thank you so much for this, Bob! It's something I've always assumed, but I still couldn't help feeling awful when forced to skip a season call, or even worse when actually waiting all day at the call without being seen. Thanks again for the clarification and encouragement!

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    Thank you for this!

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    So kind. Thank you, Bob.

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    Thank you!

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    Love you, Bob!

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    Bob, you rock! Thank you!

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    This was a great thing to read. Thanks for posting!

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    Gah-- thanks Bob for being helpful! You and Joy are contenders for best CD's on Audition update 2013

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    Bob, You are great. Thank you.

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    Thanks for this Bob. This helped a lot of actors today.

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    Thanks Bob! You're awesome! Xo

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    Thank you!!!!!

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    agree eheitz! they are very accessible and kind

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    Bob. You are officially my new fave person! Thanks for the relief!

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