• Little mermaid dance @ Telsey 02/27/2013  6:14pm

    Did anyone hear anything about whether or not they will type for the dance call tomorrow?


    I thought the dance call was at Ripley? I just tried finding the post on backstage but it seems to be gone...

    HCHS1209 02/27/2013  9:05pm

    On their website, it says that the open dancer call is at Pearl Studios. (Singer was scheduled at Telsey, and ECC dance was Ripley). Am I reading that right? 10am pearl tomorrow?

    dancechic 02/27/2013  11:30pm

    I've heard so many different things but I'm following this post =)

    elleGigikay 02/27/2013  11:32pm

    The call tomorrow is at pearl! The other ecc was for a different production! What time do you guys think the list will start?

    dashingdancer 02/27/2013  11:54pm

    Studio opens at 7, line has started outside

    B Davis 02/28/2013  5:53am

    About how many in line?

    lovernotafighter 02/28/2013  6:06am


    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/28/2013  6:18am

    Is there a line update?

    Fatsmash 02/28/2013  6:45am

    There's 14 of us right now. There's an unofficial list going right now. But we're still waiting in line.

    KaihuiWhat 02/28/2013  6:51am

    there's about 10 people in line and 15 on a list.

    foxwoodprincess 02/28/2013  6:54am

    this call is at Pearl right?

    reginabowe 02/28/2013  6:59am

    Was just at Pearl. No line or list. Where is this list everyone is talking about?

    Tgirl12 02/28/2013  7:00am

    Pearl 500

    foxwoodprincess 02/28/2013  7:06am

    Line 35 at 7:15

    HCHS1209 02/28/2013  7:07am

    Pearls new location is 519 not 500

    Tgirl12 02/28/2013  7:08am

    Yes but the audition is at 500.

    janky 02/28/2013  7:21am

    Why are we lining up at 519 but auditioning at 500? Is this info accurate?

    lovernotafighter 02/28/2013  7:43am

    The line is upstairs at pearl 500

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/28/2013  7:45am

    They're honoring the unofficial and the official is now out.

    lovernotafighter 02/28/2013  8:12am

    I just signed in and I'm 102

    TapForLife 02/28/2013  8:14am

    Any word on a cut off?

    Jazzerina 02/28/2013  8:28am

    They said if you are after 160 they can't guarantee you'll be seen.

    lovernotafighter 02/28/2013  8:45am

    How many now? I'm on my way

    bearany 02/28/2013  8:48am

    How many are on the men's list? Or is that list even out yet?

    mchs 02/28/2013  8:55am

    The list is up to 172 and they said they can't guarantee that they'll see more than 160 girls.

    kansasgirl5 02/28/2013  8:57am

    Hey guys. If you haven't already signed up don't bother. They're most likely not seeing past 160 and the list is already at about 200 :(

    Putmeonstage 02/28/2013  9:09am

    Are they typing? How is it moving over there?

    Elphie318 02/28/2013  10:42am

    Can anyone update us on what the guys list looks like?

    BookMe 02/28/2013  11:04am