• Flatrock @ Ripley Grier 520 02/27/2013  8:24pm

    Will there be an Open call? I remember attending one last year in April for later shows in the season. Also sharing my respect for the patience of the non equity and EMCs waiting it out the past couple of days. Lets give ourselves a pat on the back for getting out there even if we don't get seen.


    How's it looking over there?

    DGWocu 02/28/2013  7:53am

    Is the official non eq list out and how many are signed up?

    CurlySue 02/28/2013  8:52am

    Just waiting on the monitor now to know what is going on...he is currently in the middle of a phone call and is looking a bit stressed....

    TheWoods 02/28/2013  9:28am

    The male dance call is pretty empty, no more than 20 guys. The female singer call looked somewhat busy. No clue what they're doing with non-eq yet, will update.

    screltingthrulife 02/28/2013  9:29am

    Are they seing non equity? Wanted To go To female dancer call

    bobo 02/28/2013  10:42am

    are they closing the call for aea?

    Sblake1988 02/28/2013  11:43am

    Bump please update!!!

    bobo 02/28/2013  11:48am

    hey guys - any tips for what to expect at the 2pm dancer call?

    danamdkny 02/28/2013  12:05pm

    Did the 2 different choreo's each give a combo or just one? More technical or more Character?

    PeasandcarrotsPeasandcarrots 02/28/2013  12:13pm

    how many non eq girls are signed for dance?

    bobo 02/28/2013  12:16pm

    Non eq is about 100

    DGWocu 02/28/2013  12:25pm

    Did any non eq male dancers or non eq female singers get seen at the 10am calls?

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/28/2013  12:37pm

    They saw all the non eq guys. Hopefully the same will go for the girls!!

    DGWocu 02/28/2013  12:43pm


    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/28/2013  12:48pm

    Do you guys think that I can go to the guys call so I can sing??? I haven't ever done the gender crash.

    danamdkny 02/28/2013  1:05pm

    Does anyone know if they have been giving callbacks ITR?

    ticklemeplease 02/28/2013  1:22pm

    They only saw the first 20 non eq girls. They may do the same for the guys.

    Whovians 02/28/2013  1:45pm