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  • I don't get auditions. period. i'm really starting to lose my mind. 08/07/2018  3:15pm

    i have multiple agents, a reel, imdb credits of low budget stuff, i'm sag, and i've been cast in some stuff that I got for myself, theatre and small low budget stuff. but my agents get me fucking 0 auditions and i'm at my wits end here. this is not normal. i read so many stories of actors analyzing "how many auditions a week are normal" / "booking ratio or callback ratio" like what the fuck? what about getting absolutely 0 auditions ever? i'm a good fucking actor, i'm a decent looking white guy. this does NOT make sense. i feel like i'm blacklisted and nobody told me. i've been TRYING to do this for like almost 5 years now. do I just stop and conclude that it's just not in the cards for me? i see shitty shitty actors get auditions and book tv film stuff with WAY less training and experience and no representation and i can even get an audition for paid work. it is mind boggling and infuriating and i feel like i'm wasting my life working shitty shitty survival jobs just for the CHANCE to "pursue" this, when I don't even know what pursuing means?! ive DONE all the right things! I've MADE my own little shorts! I've done workshops when my shitty jobs give me enough money to afford to do them, i'm really going out of my mind here. what can i do?! this cannot possibly be normal. what did it take for those of you in my shoes that finally starting seeing progress? because i really can't take this anymore.

    i don't understand this

    I just moved from NYC to LA and signed with a an LA agent, a low level one, but still. that's in addition to the agents i have in other markets. how can I be good enough to get cast myself, get auditions from self submitting, and get multiple agents, but then not get auditions for paid sag work through agents? it just doesn't make sense. sorry i'm just crazy frustrated man. i'm trying to be patient since I'm new to LA but i really truly don't know what to do anymore. i really need advice.

    i don't understand this 08/07/2018  3:18pm

    white males are the bottom of the pick nowadays. Is just the trend

    OneMoreBoy 08/07/2018  3:25pm

    it is normal

    dopplegang 08/07/2018  3:26pm

    it is normal. im a white guy with tour, broadway, off-broadway, co-star, commercial, short films, etc. and i have an agent and a manager. I''m lucky if I get 2 legit auditions a month. lucky if I get 1 TV audition every other month.

    fuzzletwit 08/07/2018  3:29pm

    Yes it is normal. White guys are having a rough time, unless you are super established and or a name.

    CalltheBitchOut 08/07/2018  3:42pm

    'white guys having a rough time' is one of the most bizarre things I've ever read on here...

    Rain On my Parade 08/07/2018  3:45pm


    Stop feeling bad for your goddamn self for 2 seconds, this isn’t about you, this is about OPs concerns, which are legitimate. God I really can’t stand some of you on this website

    PizzaTwat 08/07/2018  4:06pm


    ok dude...

    Rain On my Parade 08/07/2018  4:18pm

    yikes, y'all, chill out, we're all in this dumb ass business together.

    unfortunately, yes, this is normal. there's no magic formula for success here, i fucking wish there was. the best you can do is keep at it- it doesn't mean you're not talented or not worthy or whatever. it just takes time. and it's a bullshit business, so nothing is fair about it. and they are right, white guys are not top pick nowadays, but don't worry. i'm sure y'all will be back on top soon enough, if trends hold.

    WayDownBrooklynTown 08/07/2018  4:21pm

    That sucks bro. I’m originally from LA and noticed how the calls were so few and far between, even in the supposed Mecca of entertainment world. But I was in High School, so maybe shit was limited to Disney channel regulars, etc.

    I’m white, live in in NY now, and have a sick team repping me that gets me at the LEAST two/three tv calls a week, two commercials a month, tapes for movies casting out west. It’s amazing and I’m loving it. I’ve been in your shoes when I thought about giving up, but I put my nose to the grind and (still not done yet, many more projects to knock ou) and eventually got on a managers radar with big connections and a small talent roster.

    Maybe you just done have that X factor bro

    Klamato 08/08/2018  9:20am

    See, I screwed myself out of a good portion of summer work (given I did get 2 shows and supporting in an ULB film)....

    But I'm a white guy. Being white isn't the reason I'm not getting EMC points or a Taft-hartley. I'm not catapulting because I need momentum (and my brain doesn't work so i declined my first job offer w/ EMC in 2017 like an idiot).

    I'm also literally a 21 yo liberal arts college drop out (might finish. we'll see)

    If you think being white is precluding you from working, then maybe you need to do some deeper searching to better yourself and your work.

    Getting back to OP: I heard from a seminar LA is new york industry saturation but on steroids.
    Because if you wanna make it big as an actor... thats where you go. So if you arent union it's almost like you lose a bit of credibility (kinda like how if you didn't go to CCM or get awesome regional credits its harder to get called in by telsey)
    I'll add this CD talked out of her ass a lot in this seminar and I disagree with 90% of what she said. (the only seemingly good advice was that LA is not a starter market, and you should NEVER take the SAG card off extra work).

    BariToxic 08/08/2018  12:05pm

    Why do you have 4 agents? Something's not checking out. You're apparently the greatest actor in the world -- so good, that even with four agents (???) you still can't get any calls.

    When you signed with the big agency, what did they think about the other 3 agents you're apparently still working with?

    Something isn't checking out.

    Step it up a notch 08/08/2018  3:18pm

    This seems weird, who has multiple agents?

    LaVidaLoca 08/08/2018  5:38pm

    I can’t get a single appointment for a non-union tour and I’ve got a ton of great credits. I feel blacklisted to and I’ve no reason why.

    Smactor 08/08/2018  10:25pm

    ok. i've been reading this thread and there's a ton of misinformation here.

    1. it IS tough to be white right now. male or female. it is fact. it is trending to be "ethnic" right now, which with all due respect it should be since "ethnic" actors have been getting shafted since the beginning of time. the pendulum will swing back in the opposite direction within the next 1-3 years as the "trend" fades, but as others have said, unless you have major credits, it will still be tough.

    2. A list actors are doing tv. Broadway actors are doing regional theatre. as much as there is more video content these days, major stars are doing "lower tier" work. that means it IS harder to get your first co-star when major stars are doing guest stars.

    3. LA is the place to be. yes every role receives 5000+ submissions. however, many LA actors do not have adequate training, bomb in the room, and fizzle out. this is a long game. people quit. people get older and priorities shift and they stop acting because they have families to feed. for the bulk of actors, it takes 5 years to get your first co-star, then maybe another couple to get the guest, and then the next year maybe a series regular. maybe. it is a LONG GAME. anyone who cuts this process has won the lottery and the fact that they don't acknolwedge that is an inflated ego. don't stop working at it, your time WILL come if you don't give up. yes, that means 10 years.

    4. you can have 4 agents. i know people with agents in LA, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida, Internationally, and thats not counting commercial agents or managers or modeling agencies, voiceover agents, etc etc.

    there is no one size fits all. everybody's career is different. it is a lottery even if you ARE doing everything right. how many shitty actors do you see in film and tv? a lot. how many super talented actors do you know that can't even get a meeting with a shitty agent? probably even more.

    do not let ANYONE discourage you from your dreams. anyone who does that is just an asshole. and you will meet plenty of them in your journey.

    peace and love guys. never stop. follow your heart.

    purplenurple 08/08/2018  10:47pm

    Try being a woman- trust me it’s harder. And yea sorry I’m with rain lol. But talk to your agents. Perhaps you need a different one or need to cut down and focus on one. God I wish I had one here- you’re also pretty damn lucky.

    Rosecat 08/10/2018  7:50am

    Stop it. Are you mad? Look at most of the shows they're white males and females. The group that works the least are Black Females and Asian Males. Right now the flavor of the month after white males are gays. The perception is that ethnics are getting the roles is not reality. Look at all the shows on prime time there are only a couple that has true diversity. When you look further their roles are insignificant with a few exceptions. Black movies and Televisions actually always cast people of other races (usually white) And they're usually plum juicy roles. Not insignificant.

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I used to have a recurring role on a tv show and it's been challenging for me too. Extremely so. Keep creating your own stuff. If you're truly talented like you say you are, don't give up...ever. And Yes, you matter but don't try to make it seem like the ethnics are taking roles from you. The business ebbs and flows. If you become bitter you're only hurting yourself. So, keep at it.... Also, no matter what someone is always going to be dissatisfied. The business is more about who you know than talent anyway.

    littlelady9 08/10/2018  8:48pm

    Oops...I meant to say white males and gays.

    littlelady9 08/10/2018  9:03pm

    THE ETHNICS. THE. ETHNICS? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. People of color. Jesus Christ how out of touch are you people. Try calling a group of us "ethnics" in person and prepare to be vaporized with side-eye.

    JesusmissedtheQtrain 08/10/2018  11:38pm

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    You people are ridiculous. There will be outrage no matter what word is used to describe people. Here let me list every single not-white ethnicity separately to not ruffle any of your special little snowflake feathers. You do realize the term “white” encompasses a bunch of different cultural hereitages too right? Like Irish, Italian, polish, german, Russian, etc etc. but you don’t see white people get all butt hurt and outraged at the term white. I mean Jesus Christ people take a chill pill. In 50 years when we’re all dying everyone will be mixed anyway so shut the fuck up about it already.

    Jficifufudydudud 08/11/2018  12:03am

    ^ no, they just get ‘butt hurt’ over everything else....

    Rain On my Parade 08/11/2018  1:51pm