• Bump. I know they ran late tonight, if that helps at all.

    Vocal French Fries 08/07/2018  7:13pm

    CB out for tomorrow evening

    Singingandcats 08/07/2018  8:05pm

    anyone who was at the 8/8 appointment today hear anything in regards to callbacks tomorrow?

    jazzdiva595 08/08/2018  6:48pm

    Bump for hearing anything after today’s CB’s

    castnicole 08/08/2018  8:26pm

    Bump on word after Wed. Appts

    Miss Vintage 08/08/2018  9:15pm

    What were these appointments for today? Any male dancers?

    DancinInTheStreet 08/08/2018  9:40pm

    Not that there weren’t any but I didn’t see any dancer appts. Only singer

    friedchicken 08/08/2018  10:09pm

    Bump for additional call backs/offers

    castnicole 08/09/2018  11:10am


    Miss Vintage 08/09/2018  12:38pm

    BUMP for anyone from 8/8 appointment hearing anything in regards to callbacks

    jazzdiva595 08/09/2018  2:45pm


    castnicole 08/09/2018  2:48pm

    Was anyone told anything ITR yesterday?

    Miss Vintage 08/09/2018  3:23pm


    Guacaroundtheclock 08/09/2018  3:23pm

    Bump cuz I know they gotta make a decision soon

    castnicole 08/09/2018  9:55pm

    ^^^LOL bump!!!

    jazzdiva595 08/09/2018  10:21pm


    mgillott 08/10/2018  9:59am


    missyoucantsinginhere 08/10/2018  3:41pm

    Make me a bump

    Suiteofjacks 08/10/2018  3:42pm

    bump it LOUDER

    jazzdiva595 08/10/2018  6:43pm


    Nonequityiskillingmeslowly 08/12/2018  1:41pm

    Bump to keep it alive for Monday!

    Miss Vintage 08/12/2018  1:50pm

    Were these the appointments for the older leads?

    kcalblabel13 08/12/2018  6:34pm

    These were appointments for the roles listed on the most recent breakdown. Mostly older characters but also swings

    Miss Vintage 08/12/2018  9:20pm

    There was also an invited dance call on Wednesday for some ensemble tracks...

    oneday 08/12/2018  10:01pm


    jazzdiva595 08/13/2018  10:11am


    Guacaroundtheclock 08/13/2018  1:56pm


    Guacaroundtheclock 08/13/2018  2:25pm


    Guacaroundtheclock 08/13/2018  2:25pm

    Got a group "in the mix" email today that said tapes are still being reviewed by creatives who couldn't be there last week etc!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 08/13/2018  4:37pm

    @lions&tigers just wondering, were you at the dance call Wednesday or the character appointments? Thanks!

    oneday 08/13/2018  5:17pm

    BUMP for offers

    puttingittogether726 08/14/2018  10:24am

    I was at the character call, however I have a friend who was at the dance and got a similar email as well it sounds like!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 08/14/2018  10:28am

    Any word on when offers will be given out?

    DanaInSky25 08/14/2018  8:24pm