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  • CATS TOUR @ Pearl Studios 08/08/2018  7:25am

    Did anyone receive a callback yet from the dance call on Monday?


    Singing callbacks from Monday's ECC are being held today. Email received yesterday morning.

    typedinmakeupnotdone 08/08/2018  10:29am

    Along the same line - yesterday 8/7 there were appts for Griz.....anyone hear about a callback?

    Juicy1104 08/08/2018  5:15pm

    I have a singing callback on Friday from the ECC on Monday

    DNC121 08/08/2018  5:44pm

    There are more Griz appointments Friday

    Yummy 08/08/2018  6:06pm

    There are more Griz appointments Friday

    Yummy 08/08/2018  6:07pm

    Are the Friday Griz appointments initial or a callback?

    Juicy1104 08/09/2018  11:49am

    Any callbacks out for next week after singing callbacks on 8/8?

    Broadwaydreamer 08/09/2018  2:19pm


    Smirkenstocks 08/09/2018  3:13pm

    Not sure Juicy...I know my agent submitted me, but I also went to the EPA and Felicia Rudolph was in the room.

    Yummy 08/09/2018  3:52pm

    Callback to come to invited dance call on Monday. I was at the initial female dancers ecc, went in and sang for them yesterday (8/8) and got an e-mail today (8/9) to come back next week

    TinyDancer 08/09/2018  8:16pm

    I give up then. I’m done

    Smirkenstocks 08/09/2018  8:18pm

    I have a singing final cb on 16th

    Timeaftertime 08/09/2018  8:34pm

    Anyone get a callback from today’s appointments? ITR? And are callbacks happening all next week?

    MM22mbl 08/10/2018  12:22pm


    Letmesleepdamnit 08/10/2018  12:33pm


    How sure are you that next week's callbacks are Final callbacks?

    sohoguy 08/10/2018  1:35pm

    Bump. Did anyone get a callback after today signing callbacks?

    DNC121 08/10/2018  1:41pm

    I kinda sorta got one in the room?!
    I sang two songs and she said "If you're coming back, you should lead with the second one."
    But nothing official!

    3threat 08/10/2018  1:54pm

    callback for Monday 13th after singing callback today from EPDA on Tuesday!

    psl29 08/10/2018  5:54pm

    Psl29 what time was your appointment today? And do u mind saying which role ! Thanks so much 👌🏻Break legs y’all

    Robot101 08/10/2018  6:02pm

    Didn’t auditions go til 6 today? Don’t you think majority of callbacks will go out on Monday since agents offices are closed now? Anyone else bump?

    MM22mbl 08/10/2018  6:14pm

    Bump from singing callbacks 8/9

    Bumpy 08/10/2018  7:39pm


    Letmesleepdamnit 08/11/2018  10:04am

    Is it safe to say that if we haven't heard anything after our initial singing callback by now we are not moving forward?

    tinydancer9 08/11/2018  10:15am

    Anyone have an inside scoop on the timeline of casting, since it's only August and rehearsals start in December?

    sohoguy 08/11/2018  1:04pm


    sohoguy 08/11/2018  7:11pm


    Bumpy 08/12/2018  7:39pm

    Bump on callbacks from friday

    Letmesleepdamnit 08/13/2018  7:57am


    MM22mbl 08/13/2018  10:21am

    BUMP on anyone hearing from Friday?

    asingersings 08/13/2018  1:34pm

    There is an invited call today but haven’t heard anything yet from Friday!

    Jdance 08/13/2018  1:52pm

    Any Griz cbs?

    canttakeitwithyou 08/13/2018  2:55pm


    Anyone know the timeline for casting?

    sohoguy 08/13/2018  3:31pm

    Griz final cb on 16th

    Timeaftertime 08/13/2018  4:10pm

    Timeaftertime-when did you hear?

    Yummy 08/13/2018  4:53pm

    Any CBs from today’s dance callbacks/initial appointments?

    ireallyneedthisjob 08/13/2018  8:07pm

    anyone else? bump for Friday

    MM22mbl 08/13/2018  8:57pm

    I was part of the group of ladies that only got to dance the jellicle ball combo and did not learn tugger or get to sing at all today. Callback to sing for tomorrow sent via email.

    TinyDancer 08/13/2018  9:04pm

    tinydancer — have you sung at all?

    ireallyneedthisjob 08/13/2018  9:09pm

    Yes - I sang stuff from my book for them last week after dancing at the ECC

    TinyDancer 08/13/2018  9:38pm

    @tinydancer are you singing from your book again tomorrow or did they give you sides ?

    Robot101 08/13/2018  9:47pm

    Bump- are all cbs out after today?

    Proudofyourboy 08/13/2018  10:22pm

    Sides and they said to bring my book

    TinyDancer 08/13/2018  10:46pm

    Ensemble sides or a specific name? Break-a-leg!

    Dance4ever43 08/13/2018  11:21pm

    bump- callbacks after singing on friday 8/10?

    gan1234 08/14/2018  9:54am

    Any male principal tracks hear of further callbacks?!

    Jdance 08/14/2018  11:29am

    Any male principal tracks hear of further callbacks?!

    Jdance 08/14/2018  11:30am

    JDance, I haven’t heard for this week for male principals. Keep reading about Griz for Thursday. Wondering if that’s the only day....

    Dreactor 08/14/2018  1:18pm

    Bump. Has anyone heard anything about callbacks tomorrow after singing today?

    DNC121 08/14/2018  2:30pm

    When did they ask you to come in today?

    ts13d 08/14/2018  2:50pm

    Hi! I got an email last night after dancing yesterday to sing today at 10am

    DNC121 08/14/2018  2:58pm

    I am going in on Friday if that helps.

    sohoguy 08/14/2018  2:59pm

    Sohoguy, did you get an email about that today?

    DNC121 08/14/2018  3:03pm

    Anyone get called back for booth singer/cover?

    PingyZ 08/14/2018  3:09pm

    last week.

    sohoguy 08/14/2018  3:10pm


    So you’re called back for a male principal on Friday the 17th?

    Dreactor 08/14/2018  3:16pm


    sohoguy 08/14/2018  3:44pm


    Congrats! If you don’t mind my asking, what role?

    Dreactor 08/14/2018  4:13pm

    DNC12- male or female?

    ts13d 08/14/2018  4:18pm

    Anyone from today’s singer appts here about CBS?

    Regina Phalange 08/14/2018  6:49pm

    Bump! Anything after today’s singing callbacks?

    audbsimm1184 08/14/2018  11:39pm

    Yes - callback for more dancing tomorrow (Wednesday) after singing appointments today (Tuesday)

    TinyDancer 08/14/2018  11:52pm

    Congrats @TinyDancer! Are you going in for dancing tracks or the vocal tracks (ie Jelly, Griz, Old Deut, Gus)?

    Regina Phalange 08/15/2018  11:39am

    I mean have ANY final cb’s gone out!!!!? #dying

    honestlyhowsilly 08/15/2018  9:47pm

    I have an initial singing appointment on Friday. I received the appt 2 weeks ago. First time going in. If that helps to put anyone’s mind at ease... There doesn’t necessarily seem to be a method to the madness here.

    talkalotpickalittlemore 08/15/2018  9:49pm

    @phalange - dancing track! Also LOVE your name :-D

    @honestly - I received an email tonight saying that due to time constraints I don’t need to come to final CB tomorrow but I’m still in the mix. Not sure if that helps?

    TinyDancer 08/15/2018  10:04pm

    @TinyDancer hahaha thanksss!!

    @honestly also if it helps, I know ppl going in for the first time on Friday. So, maybe some things are not happening in as quick as a time frame as anticipated??

    Regina Phalange 08/15/2018  10:20pm

    I have a final callback today after being in all week. Who knows, I feel like there’s lots happening with lots of different tracks!

    DNC121 08/16/2018  7:05am

    Bump on offers! Or additional callbacks!

    MM22mbl 08/18/2018  1:43am