Tommy98 08/10/2018  10:37am


    frontrowmover 08/10/2018  11:59am

    BUMP. CBs equity or EMC? I have a Lucy appointment Monday local so I'm a nervous wreck about NYC kids.

    modblueberrypie. 08/10/2018  12:21pm

    Bump on callbacks from the EPA!

    maninchair 08/10/2018  3:05pm

    Did anybody get called back from the EPA yesterday???

    Tommy98 08/10/2018  5:55pm

    Not sure about epa callbacks but there we’re agent appointments from 12-2 today at pearl.

    Neverandy6127 08/10/2018  6:08pm

    Any callbacks from the EPA or agent appts yesterday???

    Tommy98 08/11/2018  2:51pm


    Neverandy6127 08/12/2018  9:15am

    Monday bump

    Neverandy6127 08/13/2018  10:52am

    bump-- any callbacks from the local call today or NYC call?

    ThatsAllforToday 08/13/2018  1:09pm

    Nailed my Lucy appointment local. Hope there aren't CBS in the room otherwise I'm toast. Director was sweet and beamed, really into the song so I'm guessing I did something right?

    modblueberrypie. 08/13/2018  3:16pm


    bcbcbc 08/13/2018  3:42pm

    Appointments until 5:30. Bump.

    modblueberrypie. 08/13/2018  3:54pm

    Love these directors! They haven’t always given CBs in the room previously but not sure about this time around. Asked about dancing. Not sure if there’s a dance CB though?

    whycantiremembermypassword 08/13/2018  4:44pm

    They asked you if you danced after the appt?

    modblueberrypie. 08/13/2018  4:51pm

    they asked about my dancing & housing after my appt today but no callback given in the room

    ThatsAllforToday 08/13/2018  5:42pm

    In CT? My appt was 2:40 I just got a thank you for driving all that way. EMC. I'm still hopeful though but they didn't ask me about dancing or housing. Are you from NYC?

    modblueberrypie. 08/13/2018  6:09pm

    They asked me to sing a contrasting cut (they seemed to be asked many to do this!) then asked about dancing and if I was local

    whycantiremembermypassword 08/13/2018  6:20pm

    And this was at the NYC ones or the CT ones? Break legs! Let me know if you get a CB.

    modblueberrypie. 08/13/2018  6:25pm


    whycantiremembermypassword 08/13/2018  6:30pm

    I wonder if I saw you there, haha! Are you equity?

    modblueberrypie. 08/13/2018  6:35pm


    Neverandy6127 08/14/2018  9:29am


    sensiblescrelt 08/14/2018  4:07pm

    Did anybody get a callback from the NYC EPA or NYC agent appts?

    Tommy98 08/14/2018  4:49pm

    ^it seems that so far there haven’t been any callbacks from any of the auditions that have happened in the last week or so. Maybe they’ll just go straight to offers?

    Neverandy6127 08/14/2018  7:06pm

    Wednesday bump

    Neverandy6127 08/15/2018  9:51am

    Bump - still nothing

    ThatsAllforToday 08/15/2018  11:32am

    Offers are going out

    Neverandy6127 08/15/2018  4:26pm

    God I hate being the right type and not getting squat. This is so disheartening lately. Oh well, I'm irritated and depressed but good luck to whoever gets it. Maybe next time.

    modblueberrypie. 08/15/2018  4:37pm

    Any ensemble offers? Break legs everyone!!

    whycantiremembermypassword 08/15/2018  4:56pm

    When did offers go out? And what kind? Seems really weird to have no callbacks of any kind

    sensiblescrelt 08/15/2018  8:32pm