• NAB- Favorite platform for websites? 08/10/2018  10:05am

    I've been using Weebly but I'm over it. What's your go-to for DIY acting websites?


    I love wix!

    reeee 08/10/2018  10:15am

    i use squarespace and i love it! it's a little pricey but if you use a school email address you can get a discount for your first year (at least i could when i first signed up). i had wix before and i could just never get it to look the way i wanted, so i think the extra cost for squarespace is worth it for the sleek/professional-looking templates. it also has cool analytic features that can tell you all about who's seeing your site/where they are/page traffic/etc

    Miss Vanjie 08/10/2018  10:29am

    I do websites, Wix and Weebly etc are so cookie cutter, graphicsbykatie.com. I do freebie websires on Wednesdays but the rest are 120 - to 35 flat depending on the project. I'll host you for free, but you do have to buy a .com name as with anything. Godaddy does 11 or less a year, name.com I've seen for 5.00 I've worked for ABC, Sony, Broadway etc. After I design it it's all in your hands to do whatever, I do free lifetime updates too. :) love to help!

    modblueberrypie. 08/10/2018  12:12pm

    ActorIndex is actually really great. It's about the same cost per month as Wix, Weebly, Square Space, etc, but they have really nice templates tailored for acting websites, so it takes about 30 minutes to complete it and then editing it is super easy. In addition to the site itself they also offer some self tape services and such (tho I haven't taken advantage of those). I used Wix for three years, and I was never satisfied with it. I was pretty much able to set it and feel done with AI, and only feel the need to edit it when I have new credits/production shots.

    FasterThanSound 08/11/2018  11:09am