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  • Summer: Donna Summee Musical 10/11/2018  8:41am

    I’ve never auditioned at Ripley Grier before. Is there a list for the ECC women’s singing call up already?


    There is a list upstairs since the building is open now, there were only 3 names on the list outside so you’re now on the one inside

    Breathe 10/11/2018  8:47am

    I'll be on my way soon! When will they start typing or will they? since there's only a few of yall?

    queen 10/11/2018  9:46am

    Does anyone know if they're seeing nonunion men? Or how many equity women are signed up? I'm number 8 on the non-equity women's list and wondering if/when they might see me.

    MuppetBeltress 10/11/2018  11:11am

    They are seeing non-union men.

    Dreams2Reality 10/11/2018  11:13am

    What's the non-union women's list looking like now?

    WillWork4Espresso 10/11/2018  11:28am

    Women’s call starts at 2, men’s was empty about an hour ago

    Breathe 10/11/2018  11:36am

    Could someone post if/when they begin seeing nonunion women? And if you miss your name being called, are you unable to audition? Or will you just have to resign up at the bottom of the list?

    MuppetBeltress 10/11/2018  12:55pm

    How many equity are there?

    Bwaybitch 10/11/2018  1:53pm


    MuppetBeltress 10/11/2018  2:00pm


    MuppetBeltress 10/11/2018  2:10pm


    MuppetBeltress 10/11/2018  2:13pm

    Non union being seen

    Sing.Act.Dance. 10/11/2018  2:34pm

    Zamn, y'all. Nothing to report re: nonunion on this? Or even how many equity ladies there are to get thru?

    Love and a BUMP

    MuppetBeltress 10/11/2018  2:35pm

    They’re seeing everyone & just called in the last group that was signed up so if you aren’t here once they finish you may not get to audition so i’d hurry

    Breathe 10/11/2018  2:50pm