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  • NAB: Resume question--which theatre name to use? 10/11/2018  11:04am

    So... this may be a really dumb question. Oh well... I'm doing a show at a theatre called Woolfe Street Playhouse but it also goes by The Village Repertory Co. Which name is more appropriate for the resume? I put in either into google and the same theatre comes up... does it matter?


    I’d say whatever theatre appears on your contract.

    Icanseeyou 10/11/2018  12:27pm

    The Village Repertory Company is the resident theatre company at the Woolfe Street Playhouse, which is a physical venue where other unrelated performances also occur.

    So you’ll want to list Village Repertory Company.

    VorpalDormouse 10/11/2018  4:27pm

    Ditto to the above.

    There are many companies that even though they have a primary space they always use, it ISN'T their space exclusively or in perpetuity. For a real life example, the historic East Bumfuq opera house is owned by the 'city' of East Bumfuq as a public building, and while the Hillbillies in the Sticks Theatre company is the primary tenant, the city rents the space out to other companies to use as well.

    Companies can be evicted, elect to move, or become defunct. So it's always best to just go with the company name even if locals and a google search says they go hand in hand at the moment. :)

    BariToxic 10/11/2018  6:21pm