• Annie @ Pearl Studios 09/17/2013  5:57am

    It says Equity Female Singers, but do you think because it's an open call that non-eq and EMC are allowed to show up?


    I think EMC and non-eq are always allowed to show up to an ECC. Why not.

    thesunllcomeouttomorrow 09/17/2013  6:10am

    Is anyone there yet?

    thesunllcomeouttomorrow 09/17/2013  7:08am

    Only about 10 people here

    jaylady 09/17/2013  8:13am

    Does anyone know if there's an unofficial list for non-equ yet?? How many ppl are there now??

    Musicalqueen101 09/17/2013  8:19am

    There is a list but the monitor says she's not sure yet if they'll be seeing non eq or not.

    jaylady 09/17/2013  8:57am

    Can someone past what the non-equity list looks like? Thank you!

    coloratura88 09/17/2013  9:37am

    Will see non eq time permitting

    jaylady 09/17/2013  9:38am

    approx 40 equity women. will see non eq time permitting

    singermouth 09/17/2013  9:55am

    Any updates on non eq?

    bearany 09/17/2013  11:14am

    Were callbacks going out ITR at this call? Anyone know? Thanks!

    LegsMcGee 09/17/2013  12:48pm