• The Last Ship ECC @ Telsey @ 09/17/2013  8:16am

    Just wondering if there's a women's non-eq list up already this morning?


    Not quite yet. About 6-8 girls here for the women's ECC. Men are first at 1030.

    GJS 09/17/2013  8:45am


    Whyvoni 09/17/2013  8:46am

    How crowded is it looking this morning?

    pts9789 09/17/2013  8:53am

    anyone there able to ask if they will see equity women at 10:30 if at all possible?

    singermouth 09/17/2013  9:54am

    Just closed the men's non-eq list, and will type us time-permitting.

    bwaylvsong 09/17/2013  10:10am

    They will NOT be putting out a women's non-eq sign up until 1:45.

    beltandscrelt 09/17/2013  10:16am

    Do we know who's in the room??

    gin43 09/17/2013  10:26am

    Who's ITR?

    *AEA* 09/17/2013  10:36am

    Will 'Last Ship' casting be taking a lunchbreak?

    Also, if they are typing out non-eq men, are we to assume they will type out non-eq women as well?

    Rain On my Parade 09/17/2013  10:44am

    Dan Lipton (Music Director)
    Cesar Rocha (Casting Associate)
    Blair Allison (Intern)
    Adam Wachter (Accompanist)

    Yes, I believe there will be a lunch break.

    bwaylvsong 09/17/2013  11:02am

    How's the crowd looking for the women's non eq?

    dreaminof2ndsopinwicked 09/17/2013  11:40am

    They just announced they will not be seeing any non eq women today...

    CallMeSparkles 09/17/2013  12:47pm

    No non eq!!
    Apparently they are typing AEA women!!

    Actor2481 09/17/2013  12:54pm

    Any update on if they typed or not and if any slots left?

    Thisisme 09/17/2013  2:14pm

    They literally JUST started typing... The monitor is very slow and the call isn't be run efficiently by her at all. She is wasting everyone's time.

    Actor2481 09/17/2013  2:19pm

    This madness.

    They started typing based on headshots, which I don't think is legal.

    Then they brought us into the room to look at us.

    Now they're waiting until everyone cycles through to announce names.

    What is going on?!

    WannabeAnnie 09/17/2013  2:21pm

    Typing by headshot is not allowed at an ECC. Telsey keeps trying to do that.

    Harlequin 09/17/2013  3:50pm

    Typing at Telsey? Typing by Headshot at Telsey? WHAT A SHOCK! (not)

    answering while I'm cranky 09/17/2013  4:01pm

    They typed the non-eq guys by headshot/resume and only kept 2 out of the 15 or so of us.

    bwaylvsong 09/17/2013  4:15pm

    Anyone hear anything about callbacks from the ECC?

    thirstygirls 09/18/2013  6:35pm

    They are not allowed to type Equity members by headshot, but they can do so for non-Equity.

    thejollyraja 09/18/2013  7:01pm