• Warning!!! - Do Not Work With Saul Braun/Tom Cubano @ 09/17/2013  12:27pm

    I worked with director Saul Braun/Tom Cubano (alias?) twice in the last two weeks. The Backstage posting, as well as documents I signed, said there would be $50 per shoot for each actor. After two shoots, I was written a check for $50. I asked if he was going to write the check for the first shoot, and he said, "No, it's only $25 per day if there's no nudity. You can get 50 if you want to reshoot in the nude." I got the fuck out of there, cashed my fucking 50 bucks and I'm dropping out of the project. I'm non-union and fresh out of school, and this experience has sickened me. I feel bad for the other actors still signed on for the project. Don't work with this guy. He's legitimately a dirty old man that wants to see young girls naked.


    i dropped out last week as well. (i probably met you at some point.. lol). but yeah i totally agree. it felt sketch from the first audition. i'm not going to even put it on a resume. i'm also bumping this post just in case anyone else is auditioning for him. he's auditioned a bunch of people so far and wants to keep filming the same scenes with different actors so he can decide who is best in the final edits.. and that doesn't seem fair either. anyway best of luck to you, original poster. it just goes to show that just because someone can pay you to act in front of a camera, doesn't mean it's professional. so creepy!!

    12 09/17/2013  2:10pm

    Thanks, @n12. Knowing that he's filming a bunch of people I don't feel so bad about dropping. Trying to look out for my fellow girls. Fuck creeps!

    mmcb91 09/17/2013  4:05pm

    Thanks for the heads up :)

    jaylady 09/17/2013  10:24pm