• Kitty

    Has anyone seen the signup sheet for the ECC? I haven't made it in to sign up yet.

    StringPlaya 09/17/2013  8:13pm

    I'd like to go in for this but I can't seem to get an instrument - the rental companies are booked with schools and to ship up my sax would cost a ton of money. Think it's still worth it to go and just tell them I can play?

    Smactor 09/17/2013  9:48pm


    dopplegang 09/18/2013  11:09am

    So helpful. Thanks.


    Smactor 09/18/2013  12:12pm

    the listing i saw specifically said that they prefer you to come in with your instrument.. why not just ship up your sax? :) it may cost a lot but.. what if you get into the show? ^_^

    bbcone 09/18/2013  1:48pm

    I wouldn't go in unless you can demonstrate for them that you can play in the room. Check out Sam Ash music in midtown (on 34th between 8th and 9th)- Though it's a music store, I think they might also do rentals- at the very least, their amazing staff can help you find places to rent you may not have heard of. Also check out Roberto's Winds at Mashiko Studios on 46th between 6th and 7th (right next to the old entrance to the Equity Building), or talk to the people at Mashiko- since it's primarily used by jazz musicians, they'll have all the hookups and are good people to ask. It's also worth it to put a post out on craiglist- sometimes people have old ones lying around, ya never know! Best of luck!

    14ergirl 09/18/2013  1:57pm

    I had one on hold at a rental studio ,but they gave it away to someone else. School just started back so like all the instruments have been rented out.

    Smactor 09/18/2013  2:02pm

    Again...has anyone seen the signup sheet for MOnday? How full??

    StringPlaya 09/18/2013  2:21pm

    Should the 32 bars you're playing be memorized?

    Smactor 09/19/2013  11:58am