• bump! are they seeing non eq??

    snuffles 09/18/2013  9:11am

    woops! it's an open call, my bad

    snuffles 09/18/2013  9:13am

    Are they doing the thing where they don't let anyone sign in until 1hr before? They have done that in the past. Thanks!

    cydcharisse 09/18/2013  9:17am

    Bump! What's the story boys?

    getyourshttogethercarol 09/18/2013  9:34am

    That is what the audition notice said

    B Davis 09/18/2013  9:34am

    My friend is there and says they will be honoring the girls' unofficial list

    ShopGirl 09/18/2013  10:05am

    Does anyone know how many are already signed in on the girls list?

    alwaysabridesmaid 09/18/2013  10:25am

    They're into the fifties on the ladies' list!

    deareoh 09/18/2013  11:00am

    Updates on ladies list?

    Elphie318 09/18/2013  12:12pm

    So how strict were they today with this "show your midriff" request from the audition posting?

    MediocreGatsby 09/18/2013  9:39pm