• Rock of Ages ECC @ Telsey 09/18/2013  8:40am

    Hey everyone- please remind me!!!

    I am a male wanting to try and get seen at the rock of ages ecc at telsey on friday. If it is at 2- and females are at 10- will the list go up with the females so I should get there at like...830? Or will it go up an hour before the actual male audition so get there at like 12?I havent been to an ECC at Telsey before let me know? THANK YOU!! :)


    Usually both non eq lists go up at the same time....however, I saw on a post yesterday that they didn't put out the 2pm non eq list for an ECC til 145pm. So Telsey, might not put it out it til later in the afternoon...but Id go early and check anyway.

    Nattalyee 09/18/2013  11:06am