• Burn This 6/22 06/18/2018  8:15am

    Does any kind soul out there have access to these sides that they can share?


    Bump. Are these on any of the breakdown services that someone could share? Thanks!

    briankzzz 06/20/2018  8:10am

    I've been searching since last week. Haven't found a thing :-/

    KDVictory 06/20/2018  1:08pm

    As soon as I find out, I'll post all of the them.

    KDVictory 06/20/2018  1:10pm

    Thanks KD! Another setback that Drama Shop is out of the play :)

    briankzzz 06/20/2018  5:46pm

    Does anyone know if they'll be seeing non-eq for this call tomorrow?

    OneLoveOneHeart 06/21/2018  6:17pm


    OneLoveOneHeart 06/22/2018  2:07am

    We won’t know until the team arrives.

    List at 9 as of 7:45.

    briankzzz 06/22/2018  7:52am

    List at 12 at 8:30

    adjacent2normal 06/22/2018  8:34am

    Hi! The list should have been at 12 at 7:15am. Was a new list started?

    I Will Survive 06/22/2018  8:48am

    Pretty sure it’s the same list, i didn’t put myself on it, was just updating with what I saw

    adjacent2normal 06/22/2018  8:51am

    So sorry...that was for different thread.

    I Will Survive 06/22/2018  8:53am

    Not seeing non eq today

    adjacent2normal 06/22/2018  10:18am

    Are they not seeing EMC either, or just Non-Eq?

    zarina 06/22/2018  10:42am

    Bump on if they’re still seeing EMC

    DaddyRipley 06/22/2018  11:05am

    They are seeing EMC today!

    corgiwithadream 06/22/2018  11:24am

    Does anyone know if they are keeping the non eq list for Monday? or starting a new list that day?

    Gracelang 06/22/2018  11:24am

    What are the sides for Anna?

    KDVictory 06/22/2018  12:12pm

    What Act and Scene number?

    KDVictory 06/22/2018  1:08pm


    KDVictory 06/22/2018  4:29pm

    Burn This is available at Barnes and Noble.

    Iluvgiraffes 06/22/2018  6:27pm
  • Jersey Boys SETA Tour 06/22/2018  6:08pm

    Any agent appointments out, and if so, for what roles?

  • bestofwomen

    6 non eq as of 9:20 am

    ospiteohell 06/22/2018  9:19am

    Please update on appointments and alternate list number. Thanks.

    Harlequin 06/22/2018  9:51am

    Guessing this is Heartbreak House? If so, it’s empty - seeing people pretty much immediately - and it’s a really fun audition. Go!

    zarina 06/22/2018  11:52am

    Where is it and what do they want

    kittycat222 06/22/2018  2:56pm
  • Love's Labour"s Lost - 6/22 06/22/2018  9:50am

    How's this call looking? Please update on appointments and alternate list. Thanks.


    Apparently they aren’t seeing anyone today it was Wednesday & Thursday & today is callbacks... or that’s at least what I was told

    arosebyanyothername 06/22/2018  9:54am

    What!! I was planning on auditioning today...can someone confirm

    MuddyMudd 06/22/2018  10:07am

    Was planning on attending today, too!

    Txmpg19 06/22/2018  10:16am


    This clearly states they are having another day of EPA today. Is anyone actually at the theater?

    Tmi247 06/22/2018  10:19am

    I highly doubt they list on backstage and playbill through the 22nd if they're planning callbacks today. There would also perhaps be people talking about it on callback corner. I'm going in on my lunch break.

    MuddyMudd 06/22/2018  10:20am

    I was hoping to swing by after work at 3. Can you let us know on here MuddyMud if they were able to see you? Would be much appreciated!

    Tmi247 06/22/2018  10:33am

    I have an online signup for it later today so they definitely are still having an EPA day.

    lifeisacabernet 06/22/2018  10:35am

    ^thank you! Also your username is glorious! Break legs!

    Tmi247 06/22/2018  10:50am

    Auditions are happening! Non equity getting seen

    Txmpg19 06/22/2018  11:52am

    I would be surprised if they still aren't seen people because I know they have appointments next week.

    Kmo3 06/22/2018  12:06pm

    Whaaat??? wow guys sorry for the confusion! Where are these being held?!

    arosebyanyothername 06/22/2018  1:06pm

    Bump on how this is looking. Also planning on coming after work

    3806entact 06/22/2018  1:17pm

    Arosebyanyothername is either a troll or an asshole. If you didn’t know where the auditions were even being held than you clearly didn’t know what the production was. Get out of here with your misinformation. People have been increasingly posting misinformation on here to screw other actors over. I’m sick of it. The whole point of this forum is to share information.

    FUPlease 06/22/2018  1:28pm


    FUPlease 06/22/2018  1:29pm

    Also they are seeing non equity and it’s a fairly short wait. They are super kind in the room and it’s worth going if you can

    FUPlease 06/22/2018  1:30pm

    Here now and they're like 5 non ahead of me. People are showing up grabbing spots however.

    MuddyMudd 06/22/2018  1:44pm

    Quick question: where was this call posted? Thanks!

    DizzyNikki 06/22/2018  1:48pm

    I was in and out within 30 minutes, going quickly. Still seeing non. Monitor said bunch of spots open end of day.

    Break legs all! Boomer sooner!

    MuddyMudd 06/22/2018  2:49pm
  • pettybetch24601

    List started up to 9 Female Singers

    aquamarine 06/22/2018  6:41am

    How is the non-eq list lookin?

    singer31 06/22/2018  7:51am


    kittycat222 06/22/2018  8:04am

    28 as of 8:30

    adjacent2normal 06/22/2018  8:33am

    33 as of 9am

    arosebyanyothername 06/22/2018  9:00am

    Will someone post when they announce if they’re seeing non equity or not? Thanks!!

    idinamenztral 06/22/2018  9:52am

    They will see non-eq but they closed the list

    kittycat222 06/22/2018  9:59am

    Did the men’s list survive too? How many?

    briankzzz 06/22/2018  10:08am

    @briankzzz I signed up about an hour ago and there were less than 10

    singermover 06/22/2018  11:25am

    In the room???

    inittowinit1987 06/22/2018  11:35am

    Still taking equity sign ups?

    bananabread 06/22/2018  12:14pm

    Who was in the room this morning?

    latinrivera 06/22/2018  1:08pm

    Monitor says they will likely see all non eq men, no typing. But closing list at 3

    briankzzz 06/22/2018  2:02pm

    What # is signed up for equity guys/ how many have they gotten through? Thanks!!!

    idinamenztral 06/22/2018  2:20pm

    Just lined up to Equity #40

    bwaylvsong 06/22/2018  2:30pm
  • Throughline Artists Season 06/22/2018  9:19am

    For non Eq- I signed up at 8am & was high on the list had to leave... I know the equity call starts at 9:30 but can people please keep updated on when/if they let non-Eq upstairs? Thank you!!


    Wide open all non eq so far have been/will be seen

    Notthrowingawaymyshot 06/22/2018  10:08am

    Anyone know who’s in the room, or more information on their shows?

    briankzzz 06/22/2018  11:12am

    Bump on non-eq

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 06/22/2018  11:18am

    is this still wide open for appts?

    13dex13park 06/22/2018  2:28pm
  • Bump!

    StreetPerformer173 06/21/2018  9:21am

    Hey checking in to see how thing are looking at players theatre at the moment

    cmc957 06/21/2018  9:36am

    Wide open for everyone!

    bwaylvsong 06/21/2018  10:05am

    Are noneq walking right in?
    Does it say when they’re taking lunch?

    dobbykat 06/21/2018  10:24am

    I'm non-eq and was in and out in 45 minutes. It looked even emptier when I left!
    According to the playbill post, lunch is 12:30-1:30.

    bwaylvsong 06/21/2018  11:00am

    Everyone who walks in will definitely be seen— Non-eq and EMC alike!

    bardboy 06/21/2018  11:22am

    Everyone who walks in will definitely be seen— Non-eq and EMC alike!

    bardboy 06/21/2018  12:01pm

    Did anyone use a prose monologue for their audition? They specifically want a comedic monologue from Shakespeare and the only one I have that's comedic is in prose... Did anyone get away with doing one or were they being strict about wanting verse only?

    JT22 06/21/2018  4:07pm

    I used prose no sweat. They didn't seem picky about that at all. Break legs!

    alenakatz 06/22/2018  1:29am
  • Actor's Playhouse- Havana Music Hall 06/22/2018  12:53am

    Hi! Question. On Backstage, Actor's Playhouse is listed as having an EPA at Actor's Equity on June 25th. However, there is an open call for "Havana Music Hall" (Actor's Playhouse) at Ripley Grier on the same day. Anyone know what's the truth there? Where do we go?

  • Jekyll North Shore 06/10/2018  1:11am

    Looking on their website, does anyone have a breakdown of the auditions dates? Are there any open calls or ECCs?


    Lucy and the leads have been cast since march, they are still putting some poor girls through appointments though? good luck!

    thisisnotthemoment 06/10/2018  9:54am

    have an appointment for henry on wednesday but considering skipping it. constantine is in talks to come aboard. equity and represented actor.

    rorymatthews 06/10/2018  9:56am

    does anyone know if emma is cast? or just lucy?

    sabrinamk27 06/10/2018  3:48pm

    I wouldn't be considered a lead anyway, but would like to get seen for the ensemble. Any ECCs or anything?

    Smactor 06/11/2018  2:41pm

    pretty sure Emma is cast too. the whole thing is pretty much everyone's best friends i don't know why they're giving out appointments pretty much all of it is precast. we need to boycot all these jekyll and hydes, jeez. always the same person running it too.

    tootiefruity 06/11/2018  6:04pm

    let's not forget this trainwreck. www.youtube.com

    tootiefruity 06/11/2018  6:06pm

    Engeman? That video hurts me as a person.

    ARoomSomewhere12 06/11/2018  6:11pm

    LAWD Jesus. if that's what they hire for leads I wouldn't even want to be in chorus. what they're offering in BEVERLY? is not worth my ears.

    gayandproud 06/11/2018  6:14pm

    2 things. 1. ECC’s were posted on the Equity website today. 2. To the poster above... you jealous you can’t belt like that?

    KingJoffrey 06/11/2018  6:15pm

    might as well give idina lucy after that jfc

    imwithher2017 06/11/2018  6:16pm

    ECCs have been posted on Backstage.com and I agree, Emma was stronger than their Lucy. No emotion, flat. Everyone belts the end, everything else felt like Ariana Grande.

    timeaftertime7 06/11/2018  6:18pm

    EASY EVERYONE. it's not broadway, it's a little place in massachusetts. calm your tits.

    carla@rjfjfg.com 06/11/2018  6:20pm

    EEAAASY everyone. it's not broadway it's a little place in massachusetts, calm your tits.

    carla@rjfjfg.com 06/11/2018  6:20pm

    ECCs were posted.

    Mr Noodless 06/11/2018  6:22pm

    Why are y’all being so mean?!? These people are human. Glad you feel good about yourselves sitting behind your keyboard criticizing someone’s performance. I’m sure I could find some bad performances of you in your local production of Mama Mia. Guys. Support each other. You just look nasty.

    KingJoffrey 06/11/2018  6:22pm

    Aaannnyyywwaaayyy.... have appointments gone out yet or what?

    Calm down sparky 06/11/2018  7:45pm

    ECC - June 25
    Principal Appt's - June 26
    Non-AEA Open Call - June 27
    Callbacks - June 28

    The role of Lucy is the ONLY role cast. NO Principal appt's have made yet.

    Hope to see you in a couple weeks!

    NSMT/TBTSCasting 06/11/2018  11:36pm

    ^ Because that's totally fair and not at all sleazy. Give people chances.

    someonetowatch 06/11/2018  11:50pm

    Chill guys. It's a random regional theater in the boonies and precasting bullshit will never go away. Get over it.

    DannyMann 06/11/2018  11:54pm

    while I agree that precasting needs to stop, everyone break legs at ECCS.

    Mr Noodlesss 06/11/2018  11:57pm

    Thank you @NSMT!

    princessbala 06/12/2018  12:21am

    Hot take: precasting isn’t bad if it’s honest and transparent that it’s happening, which it seems to be 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Aphetoros 06/12/2018  1:57am

    So, have any females gotten appts for next week’s NYC appts yet?

    Juicy1104 06/18/2018  9:09pm

    I see nothing wrong with pre-Casting. They tend to get Broadway names for their leads, so as long we all know - and we do- I don’t see it as a big deal, but thank you for the breakdown! I was going to muster up the courage to sit through an ECC the day after pride, but I’ll try my luck at the open call.

    Smactor 06/18/2018  9:26pm

    I'm confused. The website says on June 27th they'll be at AEA. How is there an open call at AEA?

    Smactor 06/18/2018  11:18pm

    Are we seriously arguing over something being precast at a major regional house? Is this high school?

    This is a BUSINESS people. They want someone who will make money. You're never gonna make it in this industry if you think you're owed a shot at any role.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 06/19/2018  5:34am

    After the fiasco of Evita I hope they do a good job casting the show with good performers.

    123singsing 06/19/2018  7:35am

    Asking again: has anyone received an appt yet for next week?

    Juicy1104 06/19/2018  11:30am

    Yep, I have an appt for Emma on Tuesday 6/26.

    i am enjolras 06/19/2018  4:07pm

    Anyone have details about the non-eq open call? asking for a friend...

    Godsgifttoyouall 06/19/2018  9:24pm

    Yes! Anyone know if this is a dance call?

    Sibe11a 06/19/2018  9:44pm

    Emma has not been cast. I'm going in for Emma. They are also seeing girls to cover Lucy.

    canttakeitwithyou 06/22/2018  12:22am

    LoL covers. Precasting and giving people hope wasting time. Don't bother guys. Worked here before.

    thisisstillnotthemoment 06/22/2018  12:26am
  • Talent Express Management 06/19/2018  10:53am

    Hi Friends!
    I got an offer from Talent Express Management and I am trying to gauge their legitimacy. Does anyone have any experience with them or know anything about them?



    Owner is a woman of color, blunt, smart and has lots of pull in the industry. It's rare to get her eye so congrats! She's repped me for about four years now, appointments galore. They also have an additional musical theater manager now as well. Met her through crappy TAPNYC but it was the best waste of time I've ever had. She is honest and makes you werk and pretty much acts like an agent.

    Dollieo 06/21/2018  8:53pm