• Torch song 08/03/2018  3:12pm

    Anybody get an apt for the Alan/David understudy yet?


    the breakdown was re released literally today. I doubt appointments are out yet.

    iwanttoknow 08/03/2018  4:05pm

    Bump for appointments

    Baldur 08/06/2018  2:04pm


    nyactor0355 08/06/2018  11:22pm

    bumpidy bump bump.

    bfree 08/09/2018  12:07pm

    Siiiigh. BUMP

    nyactor0355 08/09/2018  12:55pm

    JUST got an appointment.

    bfree 08/09/2018  7:24pm

    Anyone else?

    Baldur 08/10/2018  9:05am

    Any appointments from the self submission flyer from FB?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 08/10/2018  9:43am


    nyactor0355 08/10/2018  3:21pm

    I just submitted via AA. Any idea if I still have a chance?

    SheLovesMeMaybe 08/13/2018  5:10pm

    Anyone has info on call backs?

    CalltheBitchOut 08/14/2018  2:16pm
  • The Jersey Boy Lorraine Immed. Replacement 08/14/2018  2:15pm

    Has anyone heard back about this immiediate replacement due yesterday? It starts next Monday

  • Yes I got one

    Figs24 08/12/2018  1:26am

    Bump ... Anyone else?

    NewActor 08/13/2018  5:56pm

    Does anyone know if they are in NYC tomorrow only?

    squirrel 08/13/2018  6:12pm

    Anyone know when they’re auditioning in NC? I’m a local

    Mistamista9 08/13/2018  11:49pm

    Anyone in line yet? Non-eq list #?

    pmusic 08/14/2018  6:39am

    They haven’t opened the doors yet

    Ausgal11 08/14/2018  7:08am

    They haven’t opened the doors yet

    Ausgal11 08/14/2018  7:08am

    Are the auditions today only?
    Any update on line?

    NewActor 08/14/2018  7:37am

    How many non eq on the list?

    Breathe 08/14/2018  8:01am

    16 non-eq

    pmusic 08/14/2018  8:13am

    Looks like it’s only today

    pmusic 08/14/2018  8:14am

    Is the non-eq list for boys up to? How many guys and how many girls?

    MarkCohen85 08/14/2018  8:15am

    3 male

    pmusic 08/14/2018  8:19am

    18 non equity females
    3 Non equity males

    tdaly2 08/14/2018  8:38am

    Are they seeing non-equity? I don't think they have in the past.

    squirrel 08/14/2018  8:44am

    They haven’t said yet

    pmusic 08/14/2018  8:48am

    Is the non-eq list for boys up to? How many guys and how many girls?

    MarkCohen85 08/14/2018  9:09am

    Any updates? Do we know if theyre seeing non-eq?

    MarkCohen85 08/14/2018  9:38am

    They’re seeing non-eq! Took a large group upstairs

    texasqueso 08/14/2018  9:44am

    Is it just singing or are they having a dance call?

    NewActor 08/14/2018  9:47am

    Any updates? Do we know if theyre seeing non-eq?

    MarkCohen85 08/14/2018  10:12am

    Who is in the room?

    NYC3644 08/14/2018  10:13am

    James cunningham - MD

    W. Brent sawyer - accompanist (be very specific with him because he messed up with my song and with the girl before as well)

    Go audition!! They’re flying through non eq

    meeeeeeee 08/14/2018  10:20am

    They are seeing non equity. The women's list is on the 16th floor.
    In the room:
    James Cunningham: Music Director
    W. Brent Sawyer: Accompanist

    znt92 08/14/2018  10:21am

    Is it just singing?

    NewActor 08/14/2018  10:25am

    Non union list is closed

    Nyc12345678 08/14/2018  10:36am

    does anyone know how many on non-eq list?

    NewActor 08/14/2018  10:45am

    Anyone know if the list is still open for Eq female? Just getting off work—trying to see if it’s worth it.

    Gman 08/14/2018  11:47am

    Not seeing non-eq men. No drop-offs.

    407W41 08/14/2018  1:58pm
  • Sweeney Todd @ Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake City, Utah 08/09/2018  9:17pm

    Hello all,
    It's a few days away, but I also know that some of you are planning your week ahead, and making your work schedules, and such.....
    In an effort to be as transparent as possible...I wanted to post something about our/Pioneer Theatre Company's Sweeney Todd ECC, next Wednesday 8/15, and what we are REALLY looking for, so no one would lose money for time taking off work, or miss another audition. I cannot police this post all day long, and the anonymity of this site scares that crap at out me.....please just know, I'm always trying to make your audition experience the best it can be. Truly.
    It truly looks like the only contracts we could offer out of this ECC would be for local, Salt Lake City hires. We have a giant show in front of us, and a ton of principle contracts this show, so it looks like our housing options for ensemble performers is truly limited to local soloists or couples. We have hired some folk locally, and we are holding one place in our apartments for our Sweeney, yet to be determined, but I wouldn't spend my day waiting in line for this show......Honestly, unless I was a local hire for this show, a Sweeney Todd, or a local hire for one of the other shows in our season. ALL Regional Theaters love to know who those people could be.
    Please forgive me.....I check back a few times on this, BUT>>>>>>> All I ever intend to do is find all of the folk I adore work, if this can't be the time. I hope to see you next time.
    Much respect,

    Bob Cline Casting

    Thank you so much for the update, Bob. I wish my theatres would take the time to make announcements such as these!!

    ash 08/09/2018  10:05pm

    More* theatres (not my)

    ash 08/09/2018  10:05pm

    Bless you Bob.

    Rain On my Parade 08/10/2018  3:40am

    Bob you rock. Thank you.

    Rosecat 08/10/2018  7:38am

    Any non local principle appointments or just local ECC only? Thanks, Bob!

    modblueberrypie. 08/10/2018  12:19pm

    Much respect to YOU, Bob. Thank you for this.

    DoubleA95 08/10/2018  12:44pm

    So much respect for this post. I wish more people did this.

    somethingtoconfessa 08/12/2018  11:20am

    Thank you, Bob! I wish more companies/casting would do this.

    ageofaquarius 08/12/2018  2:13pm

    I wasn't even going to this anyway but...BLESS YOU BOB WHEN YOU DO THIS. And bless you ALL the time!

    Showbizdreamer 08/12/2018  8:02pm

    Bob! You’re the best!!!

    Whatarewedoing 08/12/2018  9:30pm

    Not all heroes wear capes, Bob. Thank you!!

    starbythesea 08/13/2018  11:26am

    You’re the best Bob! Thank you!

    vchiappa 08/14/2018  10:55am

    Wow, thank you so much for this info. Very gracious of you.

    okcmusicgal 08/14/2018  11:08am

    Just bumping this up...hoping the word gets spread....

    Bob Cline Casting 08/14/2018  1:26pm
  • CATS 08/13/2018  3:53pm

    Anyone go in last week for a singing appointment hear anything about callbacks?

    Dr. Sattler

    wondering the same! had an appt last friday. nothing in callback corner either...

    Oz Peach 08/13/2018  5:15pm

    Yes they are the 16th

    Timeaftertime 08/14/2018  10:53am

    Timeaftertime it looks like you got your callback before anyone else had their appointment, anyone else hear anything?

    MM22mbl 08/14/2018  11:09am

    Thanks Timeaftetime. I assume you heard yesterday. #blerg Ah well. I still have 8 lives left!

    Dr. Sattler 08/14/2018  11:26am

    Thanks Timeaftetime. I assume you heard yesterday. #blerg Ah well. I still have 8 lives left!

    Dr. Sattler 08/14/2018  11:26am

    Yes, I went in. Haven’t gotten an email or call to go in for final, and looks like it’s this Thursday. Of course not sure what to make of it. So anyone who has gotten a final callback BREAK LEGS!!!!

    Dreactor 08/14/2018  12:06pm
  • Norwegian cruises 08/14/2018  6:36am

    Anyone in line yet for the cruise audition this morning?



    yesauditionslol 08/14/2018  7:49am

    4 in line at 8:30. Very quiet here.

    CadyHeron 08/14/2018  8:29am

    Just got here.... make it 6 people ;)

    Pooractorlife91 08/14/2018  8:35am

    Does anyone know if you have to sing from the list provided? Or if you are able to sing your own material

    NYC3644 08/14/2018  8:59am

    Website says to being 2 of their songs from the site and 1 of your own today

    Pooractorlife91 08/14/2018  9:05am

    Update on number of people ?

    yesauditionslol 08/14/2018  9:12am

    8-10 atm

    Pooractorlife91 08/14/2018  9:16am

    Can someone please post who was in the room?

    CadyHeron 08/14/2018  10:52am
  • pmusic


    chocolateboywonder 08/14/2018  8:14am

    16 female.
    3 male.

    pmusic 08/14/2018  8:19am

    Who is in the room?

    NYC3644 08/14/2018  9:41am
  • A1 Conference 08/13/2018  9:50pm

    Hey! Has anyone done the A1s before? Are they worth it? Thanks!


    Check out the bitching post-there’s a huge thread about it. Doesn’t seem worth it after reading that.

    ash 08/13/2018  10:50pm

    Was really worth it for me. Got me Equity card through the A1s. They have a Facebook page with everyone who booked work from them last year that’s really informative

    Guru7 08/13/2018  11:38pm

    Would love to hear if people thought they were run well, not if you found them useful. So much negativity in the bitching post

    ShelleyCarson 08/14/2018  12:03am

    If you don't live in the city, it might be worth it. Otherwise, absolutely not.

    3threat 08/14/2018  1:19am

    Thanks for posting this - I had the same question after seeing their notice.

    somethingtoconfessa 08/14/2018  6:00am
  • Sweeney Todd 08/13/2018  5:58am

    So I know this is not the place for this, but I bought a ticket for Sweeney Todd for next Saturday and can no longer go. Does anyone want to buy the ticket from me?


    How much?

    Ijustwanttosing 08/13/2018  10:21am


    kittycat222 08/13/2018  1:52pm

    I would love to see it - matinee or evening?

    SusanCD 08/13/2018  8:24pm

    I would see it Sat eve!

    Onefineday 08/13/2018  8:30pm

    The tickets for the matinee on the 18th

    kittycat222 08/14/2018  12:16am
  • theatregirl1617