• Port Authority Bombing 12/11/2017  8:00am

    Y’all, stay safe and keep your wits about you today.

    Also, be aware that this will make it extremely difficult to get to auditions today if you were planning on going. Everybody will be stressed in those holding rooms. Be kind to each other.

  • Is the male list already happening?

    Rafa091 12/11/2017  5:10am

    What does this mean? Will there be an unofficial list earlier?

    Musicalz 12/11/2017  5:20am

    I think this means the list is on number 8 not that’s it’s gonna start at 8am..

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:22am

    Iist At 12 at 5:45

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:31am

    Wait upstairs already? Thought the building didn’t open yet

    Scaredlittlebaby 12/11/2017  5:33am

    ^^ yes it’s upstairs already. The door is open

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:45am

    Where is this door to get upstairs?

    Jmblast15 12/11/2017  6:05am

    Is anyone going to sign up for this and King and I? Is it possible to do both? How would that work? Thank you!

    Musicalz 12/11/2017  7:21am

    Could someone post what the non-Union list is up to? Thanks!

    SP 12/11/2017  7:43am
  • Finding Nemo 12/10/2017  2:58pm

    How early are people arriving for this tomorrow? What do we think? Also, does Disney weigh you/measure you for this one? I barely squeak by and don’t want to waste my time!


    I've never been weighed/measured for a disney show. they only do that for character look a like auditions I think. and I usually go early to stand in line just so I'm out quickly. but since its an open call, theres no unofficial list..just make a line in the room and sign up when the monitor comes in usually around 9

    Ajs236 12/10/2017  4:14pm

    also usually most people get seen. they might close the list eventually but all the people on the list get seen, at least at the ones I've been to

    Ajs236 12/10/2017  4:21pm

    They do not weigh and measure at this call, and last time it was pretty open and tons of people were seen even if they didn’t get there super early

    jrmcats89 12/10/2017  11:12pm

    Where's the line at?

    doggogirl 12/11/2017  5:27am

    It’s an open call

    jrmcats89 12/11/2017  5:44am

    A little over 40 ladies in line at 7:56

    Heyjude87000 12/11/2017  7:42am
  • Mamma Mia 12/10/2017  12:11pm

    Posting preemptively for tomorrow - anyone know if they have seen non eq in the past? Would rather not waste my time if not :-) thanks!!


    This is for Arkansas Rep ECC by the by.

    broadway94 12/10/2017  12:11pm

    I feel like since this theatre usually has open calls they wouldn’t see non eq. Have they in the past?

    jacobandsons443 12/10/2017  9:35pm

    Oh didn't realize they had open calls!

    broadway94 12/10/2017  10:14pm

    I could be wrong about that! Can anyone confirm?

    jacobandsons443 12/10/2017  10:34pm

    I don’t ever recall open calls for Arkansas rep and can’t find any via google, but someone correct me if I’m wrong

    littleeagle 12/10/2017  11:53pm

    It says open casting call on backstage. But it also says equity singers. Would that mean they're not seeing non eq?

    abcdes 12/11/2017  1:19am

    Bump for female singers

    jacobandsons443 12/11/2017  7:26am

    It means it’s an ECC

    littleeagle 12/11/2017  7:33am

    Good morning! Could someone post what the list is up to? Thanks!

    SP 12/11/2017  7:42am
  • Finding Nemo 12/11/2017  6:27am

    Does anyone know if there is a list upstairs for Finding Nemo? The guy at the front desk just told me to come back at 8am. I don't know if I am allowed up to sign in for any of the other unofficial lists for Phantom and King and I.


    No list, just a line of a half a dozen women.

    AndThisOfAllMyHopes 12/11/2017  6:31am

    Disney does NOT do lists just as a heads up...

    Rain On my Parade 12/11/2017  7:09am

    How many people are in like now?

    Ram22 12/11/2017  7:38am


    Ram22 12/11/2017  7:39am
  • King and I National Tour EPA 12/10/2017  10:29pm

    Anyone know if they're actually looking for replacements? Intel would be much appreciated!


    Bump on this list?

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:02am

    List at 8 upstairs on the 12th floor

    auditionlord 12/11/2017  5:06am

    Any suggestions on when to arrive in order to get on the list?

    test123 12/11/2017  5:19am

    List at 10 @ 5:45

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:46am

    list update?

    test123 12/11/2017  7:11am
  • I’m pretty sure this is on Tuesday

    beutifullifels 12/11/2017  5:30am

    Epa today, open call Tuesday

    reeee 12/11/2017  5:34am

    There’s an open call Tuesday? Is it same place / time? How come that’s not on bway world

    321sing 12/11/2017  5:54am

    How long is the line?

    deaniebaby8812 12/11/2017  6:45am
  • Phantom NY ECC- Male Singers 2pm 12/10/2017  1:13pm

    Just figured I get a jump on this for tomorrow.

    Equity, EMC, break legs!

    As far as Non-Eq, does Phantom usually see them? Or is the turn out too large?

    Let's be supportive. We're all on the same team. We got this!


    At the last EPA, they did not see any non-eq- they didn’t even take the list. But maybe it’ll be different this time!

    madelinepurr 12/10/2017  2:20pm

    At the last ECC for male singers, I believe they saw some non-eq but I cannot confirm because I had already sung and left. I think I recall the monitor speaking with the team in the room and non-eq was allowed to sing a VERY short cut.

    ireallyreallywantajob 12/10/2017  2:23pm

    Any idea if they are really casting? I know it is always good to try to get seen, but just checking if anyone knew?

    noscreenname 12/10/2017  9:12pm

    At the last ECC they saw non eq men intact they had a typed unofficial list taped to the door like typed numbers and the studio number and stuff so.

    dgretchen 12/11/2017  12:15am