• Royal Caribbean - Hairspray 10/20/2017  10:00pm

    Anyone who has attended RC in the past - what do they have you sing in the initial audition? Stuff from your book or from the role packet?


    Usually even when they say to prepare the packet, they end up asking me to sing from my book first.

    eroseb 10/21/2017  12:04am

    also is this the 23rd or 24th?

    sheslikethewind 10/22/2017  12:58am

    dancers on 23rd, singers on 24th. all at Pearl 500.

    texicalyorker 10/22/2017  2:37pm

    Are they seeing non-eq for principal roles? Like can I prepare the Tracy packet for the open singer call?

    XtinaLayne 10/22/2017  4:51pm

    YES! They are non- jurisdictional so you can prepare anything you think you are right for- they hire equity and non-equity alike!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 10/22/2017  5:48pm

    Does anyone know if they accept an unofficial list?

    biscuitbecky 10/22/2017  6:00pm
  • Oliviagreco

    How many EMCs? This is still an EPA right?

    wannabeMeryl 10/22/2017  9:25am

    How many EMCs? This is still an EPA right?

    wannabeMeryl 10/22/2017  9:39am

    Nope. ECC, boo boo. Non eq list is at 58 currently, she's still signing up Union dancers on an alternate list and there was an ass load before that. Easily 100 equity here. Audition hasn't begun so zero info on number in groups.

    kebnyc 10/22/2017  9:42am

    Does anyone know if any non union people were seen at this today?

    positivethinkingactor 10/22/2017  5:17pm

    They were not. Drop offs were accepted.

    kebnyc 10/22/2017  5:35pm
  • Iceman Cometh 10/21/2017  8:07am

    Anyone at this second day of auditions this morning? How’s the non-eq/EMC situation look?


    There’s about 20 non eq on the list and about 20 Equity or Emc waiting to sign up

    Vvnlghwnnb 10/21/2017  8:35am

    What's the update on this? How many EMC? What do the appts look like for today

    emtsac 10/21/2017  9:15am

    Whose in the room this Saturday morning?

    Theone 10/21/2017  9:24am

    Just saw Jordan Thaler walking in, but not sure who else is ITR.

    cecc 10/21/2017  9:45am

    Thank you could someone look at the paper and see whose all down for the morning.

    Theone 10/21/2017  9:59am

    Non-eq at 50

    notyouraverageactor 10/21/2017  10:32am

    How many EMC have been called on the list?

    emtsac 10/21/2017  11:09am

    What is it looking like for Non-Eq? Has anyone been called ?

    Wally 10/21/2017  11:32am

    What is it looking like for Non-Eq? Has anyone been called ?

    Wally 10/21/2017  11:46am

    Was there and and got in as alternate right away. Didn’t check emc or non we list, sorry. Short equity alternate list and appts open still so emc and noneq should get seen.

    Extraextranyc 10/21/2017  1:35pm

    Up to 42 called on non-eq list. Lots of open slots for appts. Alternate list is pretty much seen right away.

    notyouraverageactor 10/21/2017  2:40pm
  • These Honored Dead film 10/21/2017  9:36am

    They want tapes for this by tomorrow and I emailed them for the sides, but have not received them. Has anyone else received them?

  • CRANKY CABARET 10/20/2017  11:15am

    Got offered to be in this gig. Experiences? Is it worth it? Do you actually make some money? Thanks!


    Please be honest in your responses, especially if you have experience performing with them!

    beltingbadass 10/20/2017  11:18am

    If you're new to the city it's a fun way to perform. But it's not going to make you any money unless you get all of your friends to come see you... also the "open bar" for guests is really just wine in plastic cups

    One Percent Better Each Day 10/20/2017  11:29am

    It's a lot of fun and a good way just perform. The people who run it are absolutely insane(sometimes in a good way and sometimes not) and I wouldn't say it's the most organized function of all time. But you don't make money and the open bar is just super cheap wine and beer and "Angria" which is sangria. I wouldn't do it again but I am glad I did it!

    CFrizze 10/20/2017  3:00pm

    Exactly what these people said but also, more importantly, great if you need recent video footage! That's honestly the only reason I did it if I'm being "reel" ;)

    fuckthisthemusical 10/20/2017  3:07pm

    I did it for the Reel and ended up with HORRIBLE footage. Lighting and sound was terrible. But it was fun to put songs on their feet in front of an audience.

    M808 10/20/2017  6:18pm

    -I would not do this unless you are 100% sure you can get a whole bunch of people to come, otherwise you will have to pay the difference and pay for your footage.
    -The people who run it are incredibly unorganized and scatter brained.
    -I got very lucky to have some incredible people in my cast who were so nice and encouraging.
    -If you are new to the city, this is a great jump start to the cabaret world and meeting new people.

    sugar.butter.tired. 10/20/2017  10:16pm
  • Iceman Cometh 10/20/2017  5:40am

    Union/EMC/Non Eq Updates for today’s call?


    Unofficial non-eq list up to 10 as of 6:01 am

    HB1108 10/20/2017  5:48am

    What time does the monitor typically arrive for Ripley auditions?

    CuriousPanda 10/20/2017  6:06am

    Non-eq at 16 as of 6:50. About 10 people in line.

    MLLove 10/20/2017  6:38am

    How does non-eq look?

    CharlieCh 10/20/2017  7:45am

    Non-eq at 29

    krgana 10/20/2017  8:30am

    Any alt/ emc list updates?

    MLLove 10/20/2017  8:49am

    Who is ITR?

    Wackawacka 10/20/2017  9:08am

    EMC List: 3 of 16 called
    Non-Eq: 46
    ITR: Jordan Thaler

    kebnyc 10/20/2017  10:01am

    EMC list is basically at seen upon arrival.
    Non-Eq: 4 of 52 called.

    kebnyc 10/20/2017  10:52am

    non-eq update?

    notyouraverageactor 10/20/2017  11:32am

    Great to hear for noneqs! Thanks for the update.

    whitmanlives 10/20/2017  11:32am

    Called 24/64 non-eq names.

    MLLove 10/20/2017  12:10pm

    Can someone please post when they start calling non-eqs again?

    Iluv2sing 10/20/2017  2:30pm

    Can someone please post when they start calling non-eqs again?

    Iluv2sing 10/20/2017  2:39pm

    Called up to 39 noneq.

    actorholic 10/20/2017  2:51pm

    Anyone super fierce there today ?

    10/20/2017  7:37pm

    Haha, fierce? Aren't we all?

    Just want to say thanks to everyone keeping the updates yesterday and today. For those wondering, yesterday there were 3 non-eqs called before lunch, and then at least up to 40 non-eqs by the end of day. Today, about 25 were called before lunch; at least 70 called by end of day.

    For what it's worth, I hope that means all non-eqs get seen tomorrow :)

    whitmanlives 10/20/2017  10:06pm
  • A Christmas Carol 10/20/2017  1:33pm

    Has anyone been at auditions today in Norfolk for this? Wondering if it's worth the trip, don't have an appt.

  • EverybodyRise

    They tend to do non-union open calls per show, but not always.

    Smactor 10/20/2017  11:46am
  • Up to 6 names.

    Puck.Rose 10/20/2017  7:44am