• Dear Evan Hansen 11/21/2017  8:24pm

    Real Talk. How crazy do we think the turnout is going to be for the three days of EPA's next week?


    A Non-Equity Actor who would love to be seen but is highly doubting it.

    Very. Save your time/energy.

    kb 11/22/2017  8:52am

    Whoops: I could be absolutely be wrong, and of course there is always a *chance*, but my best guess is that this will be *very* busy.

    If I were in your position, I would probably accept that as much as it sucks when you really want to get seen at an EPA, you probably won't get seen at this one.

    kb 11/22/2017  9:00am

    My guess is that any EMC's MIGHT have a chance...MIGHT, but that's only because they just had that string of calls recently, but that chances are still small, I think. But if you're Non-Eq, I'd focus on something else thats equally productive that YOU can control.

    Showbizdreamer 11/22/2017  11:26am

    Agreed. I'd spend more time sending in a headshot and resume via hardcopy. Maybe even taking a class with Lindsey or someone from Tara. I know the latter costs money but sincerely. It's a better "waste" of your time and energy than sitting around for these 3 days even for the slim chance that 10 or 15 non-eq could be seen! :)

    ImMrsIglesias 11/22/2017  11:57am

    Last time was a true mess-people spilling out into the halls (and different floors), disappointment after disappointment, etc. Finally, the monitor took pity on everyone and talked with casting to close the audition and release everyone but equity around 2:00 p.m. To put it into perspective, they didn't even get through the equity alternate list. If you have an opportunity to make money, make art, take a walk, drink tea, read a good book, or do something you love I would do that. If they wanted to guarantee non-eq would be seen they would hold an open call. It's not a judgement on anyone, just the truth. Do not waste time or energy on this call. If you really want to devote time to something on any of those days, find what makes your heart happy and devote time to that instead.

    auditions13 11/22/2017  11:48pm

    Just out of curiosity does anyone think a lot of equity who auditioned at the beginning of November will show up to this EPA as well

    11/23/2017  9:53am

    Yes. We will all show up again.

    ImMrsIglesias 11/23/2017  12:06pm

    Do you think they would accept an email submission?

    issabop 11/23/2017  4:32pm

    ^^^ no way

    beltingbadass 11/23/2017  8:35pm
  • Hunchback - Bob Cline Question 11/23/2017  6:26pm

    Dead Bob,

    You've been so transparent the last few calls and it's been super helpful. I just wanted to ask about the upcoming Hunchback calls. I've been typed out of calls before because I didn't have the proper "gypsy" look to me. Are there certain types you're looking for or just strong singers, etc? Thanks!


    Yikes, you call him dead AND transparent? #bobclineisaghost

    Springfield 11/23/2017  7:39pm

    lmfao #deadbob

    beltingbadass 11/23/2017  8:34pm
  • A1 Auditions 11/20/2017  4:10pm

    Is anyone else experiencing problems receiving their refund from the A1 Auditions? They refuse to give me my refund for the money that I gave them and are besically telling me too bad. It was pretty clear when I signed up we’d either get a time slot or a refund. Just wanted to see if anyone else was having this issue! Thanks so much!!

    What do you mean they refuse to give you your money? Are they not refunding your Venmo payment?

    Icanseeyou 11/20/2017  4:20pm

    Yeah they’re not refunding the Venmo payment! I think it was $150 originally.

    11/20/2017  4:27pm

    That’s weird it clearly says on the page that they’ll refund the money.

    Icanseeyou 11/20/2017  4:31pm

    Exactly. After this experience with Tara Feeley refusing to give my refund, I’d recommend no one utilizing these auditions. This whole process has been ridiculous.

    11/20/2017  4:38pm

    This pathetic lowlife refuses to refund me as well guess they get off on robbing young broke actors good thing my credit card company can cancel payments

    11/20/2017  6:14pm

    I had 0 problems getting my refund. But, I did get it before the released the slots for pre-screens as I had just booked a union tour. Man, I hope you get it back!!

    Quietkid7 11/20/2017  6:49pm

    I experienced no such problem. Perhaps you missed the deadline?

    asprgs456 11/20/2017  11:20pm

    They specifically told me in my rejection email to email them my venmo handle and that I would get my refund by dec 31? Did you not get that notice?

    _LittleBird_ 11/20/2017  11:37pm

    No problem here, I've had a great experience emailing with them. Maybe you missed the deadline.

    LaBooka 11/21/2017  12:05am


    I'm Danny George, I am the Executive Director of the A1s.

    This is perhaps my first time on audition update since last year. I truly don't enjoy taking time out to come on this site and having to defend our company but you've mentioned one of our employees by name. I won't allow anyone to falsely vilify her. Our policies and their enforcement are ultimately my decision.

    Firstly, The only way an actor wouldn't receive a refund from the A1s is if they don't cancel/show up to their pre-screen audition OR if they already confirmed they want the spot and then cancel. Both of which are on our website as well as sent to you and every other by email twice (its bold and underlined so you don't miss it). You failed to read and follow instructions and we've politely pointed it out multiple times. Also no fee is $150, you clearly have a disconnect in processing information.

    The A1s have filed as a not for profit company. Its so frustrating to work hard to give our community opportunity to then come online and read things like this. I started this because my friends and peers weren't getting seen for these theatres and I hated my experience at these big calls so I set out to make a positive change.

    Please understand that what you post publically has massive ramifications both for yourself and the individuals and organizations you post about. More theatres are hesitant to join us because of posts like these, you're affecting the experience of those attending, and you're spoiling the image of a not for profit company with an incredibly honorable and useful mission. Please don't ruin it for everyone because you didn't get your way.

    Hopefully next year you manage to follow instructions. We'll be happy to see you for a spot with no hard feelings.


    Danny George

    DannyGeorge11 11/21/2017  6:19am

    First off, Danny did not ask me to post this but as a friend of his and an avid supporter of TGS, I have to speak up in defense of him and Tara. They have sent out numerous emails discussing the refund process if not selected for a spot. I was lucky enough to be offered a spot and even in my acceptance email there were clear directions on how to get a refund. Also, my Venmo feed was filled with posts of Tara refunding the fees to those not selected for days after acceptance emails were sent. And this went on for weeks as they were kind enough to be traveling to colleges to attempt to give this opportunity to many students who otherwise would have to trek out like many of us over the past few years and sit miserably in the cold hoping to get seen for an 8-Bar audition at the open calls for these theatres. It’s time to learn sooner than later to pay attention to the information being sent to you and to read things thoroughly. Stop blaming people for your mistakes, you obviously didn’t pay much attention to anything since you didn’t even know the correct price for this opportunity. Stop airing your dirty laundry on the internet and on this site which was intended to help but now is just a place for people to blame their laziness and ignorance on others and get into fights about posting ridiculous unofficial lists at 4am and where I read people constantly going against rules because they feel entitled to post these lists and such because there is no actual union for nonunion but that is for another post. Long story short, stop blaming your mistakes on others and bad mouthing people that are trying to help you. It’s honestly embarrassing and like Danny said, it ruins things for others in the future. Love and light to all of you, and read your emails.

    bb787 11/21/2017  3:38pm

    love and light and READ👏🏾 YOUR 👏🏾EMAILS👏🏾

    unofficiallist 11/22/2017  9:32am

    Yeah I was told I would get a refund, haven't. This rings true for some of my castmates as well as we all gave up our spots since we booked a job and couldn't attend our prescreen. Still waiting on that refund.

    tapperina 11/22/2017  10:16am

    I just want to say that I have had nothing but amazing experiences with TGS. I am not personally friends with any of the admin and only really know them through the class process. This was my first year auditioning for A1 - There were a lot of rules about the refund policey BUT they are very clearly stated in all the emails. Its your responsibility as an adult make sure you read all the fine print and make sure that you are following all the rules and steps - this is a great opportunity for NYC actors to get seen and while I understand it may be upsetting not to get your money back don't ruin this experience for so many actors who did get in and are getting some exposure. TGS does so much work for the acting community and give actors so many great opportunities and it makes me sad to see their names being dragged through the mud publically

    11/22/2017  12:04pm

    TGS and the A1s aren't the same thing. I worked for tgs and they're not affiliated

    Also I asked about refund and was told they had 1,300 refunds to process and said that they would still meet the date they sent me in my rejection email but the processors sometimes take a long time with so many refunds.

    Bralex82 11/22/2017  7:19pm

    I had a poor experience with them as well. They changed the refund deadline to a sooner date with short notice.

    streetcar08 11/22/2017  8:06pm
  • The Prom ECC Female Dancer DevLab 11/21/2017  5:17am

    Unofficial female dancer list has 5 names as of 5:30am! list inside with security.


    List at 41 at 7:45

    dancingcountrygirl 11/21/2017  7:32am

    Does anyone know if they're typing non eq?

    Dance to Live 11/21/2017  9:44am

    No non eq

    Breathe 11/21/2017  9:47am

    They’re not seeing non eq?

    Tam13 11/21/2017  9:50am

    They’re not seeing non-eq but taking drop offs!

    HK852 11/21/2017  9:50am

    Thank you!

    Tam13 11/21/2017  9:53am

    ITR today?

    Catbug826 11/21/2017  5:27pm
  • Motown 11/21/2017  12:40pm

    Anyone hear anything from the appointments yesterday 11/20?


    ^was this for female or male tracks?

    77 11/21/2017  2:28pm


    likewhoa 11/21/2017  2:40pm
  • Sesame street live 11/21/2017  2:17pm

    The notice says from 9-9:30....is that the sign up time or is that how long the entire call is?

  • The Prom 11/21/2017  5:21am

    Female dancer non ecc list at 5 at 530. List is inside.