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    Hurry up and wait ... 02/21/2018  8:23am
  • bump

    giantsinthesky 02/21/2018  8:22am
  • BEAUTIFUL nat tour EPA 2/21 02/20/2018  7:54pm

    Does anyone know how they are with seeing non eq? Do they ever get seen?



    cravingpasta 02/20/2018  7:58pm

    Won’t know until after the call starts.

    dance10looksmeh 02/20/2018  8:48pm

    Do we know how many people/did they see emc at the last call? Just to get an idea

    dg1873 02/20/2018  10:28pm

    Do you guys know when they’re gonna put out a non- union list? Would it be midnight or tomorrow morning super early in your opinion?

    ioggia 02/20/2018  11:05pm

    Non eq list at 8

    Rock 02/21/2018  4:28am

    Non eq lost at 8 people or will be put out at 8??

    cravingpasta 02/21/2018  4:34am

    There were 8 people on the list

    Rock 02/21/2018  4:44am

    Equity line started yet?

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  5:22am

    Yes just me 🤗

    Up every morning at six 02/21/2018  5:26am

    Any update on non-eq list?

    sondheim4squares 02/21/2018  6:26am

    Non-eq list up to 30

    rhymeswithboating 02/21/2018  6:41am

    Non eq list at 33

    Isitjustme 02/21/2018  6:52am

    Bump on line

    02/21/2018  6:54am

    7 on eq line

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  6:55am

    Does anyone know at what time they allow us into Ripley?

    Sapphire 02/21/2018  7:01am

    8 am

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  7:09am

    Any update on EMC?

    There are worse things than... 02/21/2018  7:11am

    Line is like 10

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  7:14am

    Emc’s sign up with equity members. There’s no such thing as an unofficial emc list

    Ladynapsalot 02/21/2018  7:23am

    For beautiful is this the singers call ?

    Ldtaylor 02/21/2018  7:28am

    It's an EPA, so closer to singers than dancers, yes.

    Grungesax 02/21/2018  7:34am

    Eq/Emc at around 30

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  7:39am

    Is this call slammed?

    Neverland86 02/21/2018  8:04am

    Non-eq up to about 50.

    Hurry up and wait ... 02/21/2018  8:20am
  • Untitled Musical Complilation EPA 02/20/2018  7:23am

    Hey party people!

    This audition is actually at Ripley’s other Location that I’ve never heard of- 305 w 38th. I took the non-union list from Ripley 520 and transferred it to the list at 305. So numbers 1-6 on that list are now numbers 4-9 on the correct list. Hope that makes sense.

    Up every morning at six

    What time does this building open?

    Virgo825 02/20/2018  7:50am

    What # is the non-eq list up to?

    Westvillian 02/20/2018  8:47am

    Does anyone know... is it a full song? 16? 32? Thanks!

    Up every morning at six 02/20/2018  9:34am

    How's this looking?

    moosevmouse 02/20/2018  9:45am

    please Post who was ITR when they start!

    Jdance 02/20/2018  9:46am

    Non-eq list transferred? Also any update as to whether they will see non-eq today?

    highvoltage 02/20/2018  10:04am

    How many equity? Alt? ITR? Thanks!

    Popsoplc77 02/20/2018  10:12am

    ITR: Tara Rubin, Felicia Rudolph, Joel DeCandio (accompanist)

    Alt List- 9
    EMC list- 23
    Non-eq list- 24

    Currently called 4 of 9 alts

    Up every morning at six 02/20/2018  10:18am

    Thanks for the info! Is this pretty free game as far as what people are choosing to sing or should we stick to a certain era/ composer for this?

    Greenglasslove 02/20/2018  10:24am

    Bump for song choice info

    tigerbeat225 02/20/2018  11:00am

    It's kinda fair game! Seems like they just want to hear you sing :)

    Virgo825 02/20/2018  11:00am

    Are they seeing non-eq?

    Wildrainbowgirl 02/20/2018  11:16am

    It is all Andrew Lloyd Weber- so sing something by him if you're looking for guidance!

    Any alternate updates?

    Catsandbroadway 02/20/2018  11:32am

    Any update on Non-eq?

    eightbellssarah 02/20/2018  11:34am

    he dismissed non-eq until after lunch

    Virgo825 02/20/2018  11:35am

    Have any emc been called?

    PleaseSirIWantSomeMore 02/20/2018  11:42am

    EMC have been called, not sure how many

    mtwallet 02/20/2018  11:44am

    4 emc were called

    PleaseSirIWantSomeMore 02/20/2018  12:00pm

    25 Alts and 7 EMC called

    skyrocketsinflight 02/20/2018  12:12pm

    There are about 5 Equity alternates left to be called

    pedrokaawaloa 02/20/2018  12:23pm

    How open is this? Was thinking of swinging by after lunch, but if it's full don't want to bother. Thanks!!

    singingguy123 02/20/2018  12:35pm

    What are alts and emc called through?

    PleaseSirIWantSomeMore 02/20/2018  1:00pm

    8 emcs called before lunch

    I'minthe212 02/20/2018  1:01pm

    How’s this looking? How many emc have they called

    CDM0713 02/20/2018  1:02pm

    37 of 53 Alternates called before lunch

    pedrokaawaloa 02/20/2018  1:17pm

    There were about 15 eq alternates left to be called at lunch time. And there might still be an appointment left at 4.10.

    Himherhimher 02/20/2018  1:36pm

    Any news on how this is running?

    karatemaster111 02/20/2018  2:38pm

    Through all the alts?

    PleaseSirIWantSomeMore 02/20/2018  3:08pm

    Called through 54 Equity Alternates...total number on list is in mid 60’s

    AEA1 02/20/2018  3:10pm

    Any hope for non eq?

    dobbykat 02/20/2018  3:12pm

    Any updates?

    ehcook 02/20/2018  3:41pm


    ehcook 02/20/2018  5:01pm

    Din non-eq get seen at all today? (Trying to gauge tomorrow)

    CatMuse 02/20/2018  10:11pm

    I wasn't too far down on EMC and got seen around 5:00 to my guess would be no non-eq got seen today.

    dots 02/20/2018  11:50pm

    They saw all EMC and called at least 20 Non-Eq when I left at 5:15

    moosevmouse 02/21/2018  12:20am

    Has an equity line been started yet?

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  5:22am

    Bump equity line

    Jmblast15 02/21/2018  7:00am

    Oh wow! I totally stand corrected re: non-eqs yesterday. That’s great!

    dots 02/21/2018  8:16am
  • The Gateway 2018 Season, 2/21 02/20/2018  2:16pm

    Hey ladies! A few questions about this call tomorrow:

    *Does anyone know if they take an unofficial list?
    *The notice on Backstage says sign-ups begin at 1:30pm. Thoughts on what time to arrive?

    Any information would be great. Thanks!


    Looks like this Gateway call that was originally scheduled for tomorrow was moved to be last Friday. :/

    tootalltohire 02/20/2018  3:24pm

    tootalltohire, are you sure? It’s still listed on backstage for tomorrow

    Megan 02/20/2018  3:25pm

    Playbill has that it had been rescheduled to the 16th, that the change was made on the 13th.

    tootalltohire 02/20/2018  3:28pm

    Believe me, it was quite an unhappy shock when I went to finalize details for tomorrow.

    tootalltohire 02/20/2018  3:36pm

    Ah okay, that sucks :/ thanks everyone!

    Megan 02/20/2018  3:43pm

    But for non-Equity, it's still tomorrow right? The changes seemed to be for the ECC call.

    ThePineapplePrincess 02/20/2018  3:45pm

    I’m seeing the change being for the ECC not the open call, right?

    Lemurgirl90 02/20/2018  3:54pm

    I'm not even seeing a post for the open call at all? Sorry if I've caused confusion.

    tootalltohire 02/20/2018  3:59pm

    I'm pretty sure the open call is still on as planned tomorrow! If you search for Gateway on the Playbill jobs website, all of the audition options will show up.

    ThePineapplePrincess 02/20/2018  4:05pm

    The audition I saw is on Backstage. I found it on Backstage in the Audition Calender

    Megan 02/20/2018  4:06pm

    I just took a look at both notices- and they match. It looks like everything is good to go and tomorrow's open call is happening. :)

    ThePineapplePrincess 02/20/2018  4:11pm

    Thank you!

    Megan 02/20/2018  4:13pm

    Anytime! See you all tomorrow! :)

    ThePineapplePrincess 02/20/2018  4:14pm

    Thanks for the clarification! Apologies again for the confusion!

    tootalltohire 02/20/2018  4:17pm

    Regarding the open call tomorrow: Anybody any Information about how they usually handle signups? Do they accept an unofficial list? Xo

    3threat 02/20/2018  4:43pm

    Bump on unofficial list?

    Noneq and Fragile 02/20/2018  7:47pm

    bump on if they are taking a list?
    also sign in is 130-3 meaning call starts at 3?

    5678kick 02/20/2018  8:15pm

    Bump on all of this!

    Megan 02/20/2018  8:30pm

    Bump for if they take an unofficial list!

    Maarabeth 02/20/2018  9:37pm

    if they are doing a ‘sign-in’ that USUALLY means in person so no unofficial

    drdrdr 02/20/2018  11:00pm

    Sign-in could mean transferring names on the unofficial list to the official list...it could go either way. Anyone know if the unofficial will be accepted?

    soprano10 02/20/2018  11:42pm

    I heard that they typically type at their open calls.

    idratherbesinging 02/20/2018  11:45pm

    Do we dance first?

    Libra662 02/20/2018  11:56pm

    So if speculations are correct, we think they will not accept an unofficial list, and then type, I’d safely say y’all can sleep in (and I’m typically that bitch who signs up at 5:30 so...). I know there will be that paranoid person who still puts their name up at #grossAM but like... sucks to be you when you get typed out on only 4 hours sleep....

    CallMeSparkles 02/20/2018  11:57pm

    Does anyone have more information about this yet?

    Megan 02/21/2018  6:54am

    Someone wrote ECC on the women’s list. It’s an open call y’all. Just so people know

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  7:20am

    Wait, so does that mean there’s an unofficial list now? Help me out here

    Megan 02/21/2018  7:29am

    There is a list. It’s up to 52 for women and 7 for men. Now whether they take it or not is another story, but nonetheless, it is here

    CDM0713 02/21/2018  7:33am

    There is a list for men and women. It’s unclear if they will take them.

    IdinaMenzel 02/21/2018  7:34am

    Thank you!

    Megan 02/21/2018  7:38am
  • Beehive 2/21 02/20/2018  4:34pm

    Hi all!

    Wondering what the deal is for alternates tomorrow? Are people lining up/making an alternates list? Thank you!!


    Are you referring to Fingerlakes?

    CBC 02/20/2018  5:04pm

    For Timberlake playhouse I assume?

    turd33 02/20/2018  7:24pm

    Yes, Timber Lake! Sorry for the confusion.

    HeatherSB 02/20/2018  7:29pm


    mil7230 02/20/2018  8:45pm

    Great question! Also, anybody know if they are looking for a 16 or 32 bar cut? I’m assuming a 1950/60’s piece is prob the way to go?!

    Greenglasslove 02/21/2018  2:00am

    Has there been a list started?

    mynoneqisshowing 02/21/2018  4:43am

    Yeah- I saw there was a list started on the 244 entrance

    Noneq and Fragile 02/21/2018  4:50am


    Up every morning at six 02/21/2018  6:19am

    List up to 21

    Up every morning at six 02/21/2018  6:45am

    Anyone know what time Nola’s building opens? To start makeup/hair prep, lol

    Sapphire 02/21/2018  6:59am

    According to their website, Nola opens at 9am

    mil7230 02/21/2018  7:15am

    According to their website, Nola opens at 9am

    mil7230 02/21/2018  7:19am
  • Gateway 02/21/2018  5:21am

    How many are on the list? Has one been started?



    All I ever needed was the music and a paycheck 02/21/2018  6:26am
  • Gateway 02/21/2018  1:11am

    Pretty sure no unofficial will be accepted. Sign up starts at 1:30

  • Lake Dillon- play season 02/20/2018  10:23pm

    Please post with offers from callbacks on Feb 15. Specifically "The Underpants" but any plays from their season..


    this should go in callback corner

    theRedBedwinek 02/20/2018  11:18pm
  • Flat Rock EPA day 1 02/20/2018  6:15am

    Anyone sign up for the Equity/Emc line yet that can update on numbers?


    Currently around 13 at AEA but it's hard to know who is for what.

    moosevmouse 02/20/2018  6:30am

    16 on non-Equity list. Looked like ~30 people waiting inside but I don’t know what for.

    MLLove 02/20/2018  6:53am

    Can someone plz update with alt list?

    carrieunderwire 02/20/2018  8:48am

    a few appointments left, 14 alts, 30 something EMC

    moosevmouse 02/20/2018  9:02am

    I cannot remember. What is the Wi-Fi information for the AEA audition center?

    Mezza2018 02/20/2018  9:07am

    And at the start of the day they've released Non-Eq AND EMC.... felt like at least some EMC would've been seen but oh well.

    I'minthe212 02/20/2018  9:24am

    I got the monitor to ask if they would be inclined to see EMC & non-eq on subsequent days, and she said they told her “probably not”. So get your beauty sleep...

    Canadianactor 02/20/2018  9:29am

    Did they release EMC and noneq for lunch or for the day?

    Broadway808 02/20/2018  9:30am

    No non-eq or EMC for the day

    Up every morning at six 02/20/2018  9:33am

    Thank you for the clarification!

    Broadway808 02/20/2018  9:38am

    how long is alternate list?

    Jdance 02/20/2018  9:55am

    Releasing the emc at the beginning of the day really grinds me... the alternate list wasn’t out of control and there were still appts open later in the day. Are you that convinced that anyone nonunion isn’t worth your time?

    missyoucantsinginhere 02/20/2018  10:08am

    AND, when they released EMCS and non-Eq at the beginning, they KNEW they weren't going to see us at least as early as last night. Just get on this site or Playbill or something to tell us and respect our time.

    Did they hint if it would be the same for the next two days?

    rdiamond 02/20/2018  10:32am

    @rdiamond if you read Canadianactors earlier post it answers your question...

    ireallyreallywantajob 02/20/2018  10:43am

    Just in and out, 42 alts called through 26. Keep us updated pretty please!

    flyingtoast 02/20/2018  10:52am

    Ah, thank you, somehow I skipped over that one.

    rdiamond 02/20/2018  10:55am

    How's it looking?

    Brakes 02/20/2018  11:28am

    Alt called through 36 as part of 11:30 group.

    Mezza2018 02/20/2018  11:30am

    How is it after lunch?

    Brakes 02/20/2018  2:28pm

    Would a kindly Equity member ask again, now that it is later in the day, whether they think they will admit any EMC’s Non-Equity’s to be seen at the other calls this week? Thank you!

    Inconceivable 02/20/2018  5:12pm

    any updates on tomorrow?

    augustmonth 02/20/2018  8:40pm