• BwayBroad

    7 women on non-eq list at 8:15. List has been taken inside and posted on door of Ripley.

    lu 01/08/2017  8:21am

    Please post updates on if non eq men are being seen when they announce it!

    ddreamer14 01/08/2017  8:52am


    Any update on how many on the non eq women list/ if they're seeing non eq?

    Ngtydfg11 01/08/2017  11:16am

    Are non eq men being seen?

    Tiltballchange 01/08/2017  11:55am

    Bump non eq women

    BwayBroad 01/08/2017  12:03pm


    gottadance 01/08/2017  12:38pm

    Any updates?

    xMerde 01/08/2017  12:45pm

    They're typing the non-equity girls. Updated around 2:15. No word yet on whose being seen.

    Dottie_dance 01/08/2017  2:34pm