• Matt Davenport Productions 01/08/2017  5:13pm

    Does anyone know what the time breakdown for this is tomorrow? Singers first, then dancers? Looks like they're seeing everyone from singers to dancers and musicians, but it just says 10am-6pm on the Backstage listing.


    Also does anyone have any information regarding working for this company??

    Jessika 01/08/2017  7:17pm

    Bump on company info!

    lilsally8 01/08/2017  8:23pm

    Supposed to be a great company but definitely theme park, revue work.

    towel 01/08/2017  8:37pm

    How's it looking this morning?

    Jessika 01/09/2017  6:55am


    funnyhoney 01/09/2017  7:09am


    Dlove 01/09/2017  7:35am

    Both men and women as they are typing for specific roles at 10am

    Hay5678Lye 01/09/2017  8:13am

    ^was this meant for fireside?

    202493 01/09/2017  9:03am

    We are at #245 and still have a line. If you havent left, I'd chill and sleep

    bewp 01/09/2017  9:06am

    Did you mean to post this in the Fireside thread?

    youngscrelter 01/09/2017  9:12am

    ^ is this meant for the fireside thread?

    lilsally8 01/09/2017  9:13am

    Can anyone update at what's going on at this call please?

    202493 01/09/2017  10:00am

    Maybe 60 combined singers and dancers! I'd say come!

    youngscrelter 01/09/2017  10:23am

    Are they just asking for 32 bars of a pop/country song?

    hiptobetrapezoid 01/09/2017  10:47am

    Are they seeing singers first and then dancers? If so, do you know what time they are seeing singers until?

    ChickenLittle 01/09/2017  10:49am

    Is there an accompanist or are these auditions acapella?

    towel 01/09/2017  12:19pm

    There's an accompanist!

    youngscrelter 01/09/2017  12:56pm

    And yeah have another song ready because they may ask! But 32 bars is good!

    youngscrelter 01/09/2017  1:04pm

    I've worked for MDP before. They really only do one theme park and their General Jackson showboat now. Although their park that hires MDP is great, they've seem to have lost their touch over the past few years. RWS has now taken over most of the theme parks MDP used to have. The cast house is pretty cool though and if you have a great group of people, you'll have a great summer for sure! Pay is average theme park pay but like I said, housing is provided :) It was a great first contract for me out of college!

    MissyVega 01/09/2017  5:50pm