• Fireside "South Pacific" ECC 1/11 01/09/2017  6:32pm

    Looking for advice:

    I went to the open non-eq call for this today (1/9), got typed in and sang. Felt good, happy with the audition. I'm not going to the EPA for it tomorrow, since I got in the room today, but should I go to the ECC on Wednesday? They are asking for singers and dancers, but if I've already sung, should I just wait for a callback or show up hoping to sing again and get through to the dance call?


    I'd say if you already got to sing for them, I wouldn't go again personally.

    youngscrelter 01/09/2017  6:49pm

    What do you think are the chances they'll see non-eq tomorrow? If so, what's a good time to get there?

    Echo2187 01/09/2017  6:51pm

    Callbacks were given in the room yesterday at the non equity call. And that was for all roles in the show.. So unfortunately there's no point in going to the ECC too.

    Broadwaybaby123 01/10/2017  4:10am