• Will Rogers Follies-Pioneer Theater 01/09/2017  6:51pm

    How early are people planning to arrive to sign up if you're non-eq. Also, does pioneer theater normally see non-eqs, is it worth it to go?


    I think Bob Cline usually tries to see non eqs.
    Bump on unofficial list numbers for the ECCs today?

    Inconceivable 01/10/2017  6:49am

    9:30 singers list @ 20
    11:30 dancer list @ 32
    As of 8:25 am

    AdventuresofLilBway 01/10/2017  8:17am

    Any update as to whether they're typing?

    amblingshambler 01/10/2017  9:14am

    Update on if they're seeing non-eq female singers?

    xMerde 01/10/2017  9:52am

    They're seeing non eq female singers

    AdventuresofLilBway 01/10/2017  10:07am

    Is the list closed for 11:30 dancers?

    amblingshambler 01/10/2017  10:32am