• Austen's Pride EPA 04/19/2017  9:47am

    Suprised no one posted, what's going on with this?


    updates on how this moving along! Any emc's seen?

    fitzgeraldtaps 04/19/2017  10:48am


    ThatOneGuy 04/19/2017  2:14pm

    There was a lengthy thread, starting from first thing Wednesday Morning; it seems to have disappeared. The unofficial list was transferred to an official Equity form. Equity alternates started being called in the 10 AM group, and were also called in the 10:30 group (the one I was in). Justin Bohon of Binder Casting was the CD and Will Johnson was the able accompanist.

    SusanCD 04/20/2017  12:25am

    ^^Lolz I didn't see it until after I posted this one 😝 But also the original one wasn't even listed on the side and I SCOURED it before I posted...and I've noticed that happening quite a bit lately and I'm sure how or why thats happening.

    Showbizdreamer 04/20/2017  10:12am