• 5 on non eq list as of 6:49 AM

    actor22 04/20/2017  6:40am

    How many on EMC/Equity Line?

    littleeagle 04/20/2017  6:48am

    I thought the EPA was April 27th?

    asongandaprayer 04/20/2017  7:25am

    About 40 on Eq/EMC list. Today's day 1 and there's another day with different shows next week.

    random8 04/20/2017  7:27am

    How many equity alternates/any appointments left?

    you'vegotafriendinme 04/20/2017  8:46am

    So no non eq females being seen?

    scarlettsabrina 04/20/2017  8:53am

    Was just there, the list is definitely not closed. No info yet for non-eq

    FierceConversations 04/20/2017  9:02am

    Only 4 names on the alt list
    What is this alternate universe NYMF?

    flyingtoast 04/20/2017  9:21am

    @foryourglory you're a trolling b**ch. not necessary. 10 on the non eq list and about 50 equity/emc inside as of 9:25 am

    shesaysjump 04/20/2017  9:24am

    The name of the person who posts goes below their post. I'm as confused as everyone else.

    you'vegotafriendinme 04/20/2017  9:28am

    (Aka I didn't post any of the trolling stuff)

    Any updates on equity appointments / alts? Thanks guys

    you'vegotafriendinme 04/20/2017  9:32am

    Someone is posting anonymously, I don't even know how that's possible. A trolling bitch, for sure.

    FierceConversations 04/20/2017  9:32am

    Are they having a non eq day?

    SirBeltAlot 04/20/2017  9:33am

    Any info on alternate list? Thanks guys!

    Blackie 04/20/2017  9:51am

    Any info on how full appointments are for the day?

    courtbutt 04/20/2017  10:01am

    Bump for updates

    Lazersareexpensive 04/20/2017  10:10am

    Bump for equity spots and alternates!

    sinigangster 04/20/2017  10:22am

    Keep watching Michael Cassara's Website and The Usual Postings for info about Non-Equity auditions. In the past several years, there has ben an online signup that fills up in minutes after it opens. In the meantime, have we determined that Non-Eqs have NOT been sent away, yet?

    SusanCD 04/20/2017  10:37am

    Non-Eq will be seen time permitting. Monitor thinks we may be seen before lunch!

    mandypatinkin 04/20/2017  10:47am

    Any update on alternates? How many seen/how many signed up?

    StupidActorScreenName 04/20/2017  10:47am

    ^yo who are you? Get a life. Better yet, take your trolling to the comments section of some shitty buzzfeed article where it belongs.

    courtbutt 04/20/2017  11:10am

    Again: Curious about how long the alt list is and whether Equity can possibly get seen later. Thanks!

    StupidActorScreenName 04/20/2017  11:39am

    Any EMC called?

    Galapagos9 04/20/2017  11:39am

    Non-eq told to check back after lunch!

    actor22 04/20/2017  12:00pm

    Just left. I think 1-2 alternates

    you'vegotafriendinme 04/20/2017  12:13pm

    Are they turning away if only have 3 pic/res's on hand..not 5?

    supercali 04/20/2017  12:27pm

    Think about that ^
    Do you want to walk into that audition room when they know you didn't bring the requested materials? Better not to go imo!

    sing_happy 04/20/2017  12:35pm

    Just spent a few minutes "chatting" with a representative of backstage.com, reporting our funny little "friend" who is making up postings from an alternate reality. Hope you will be shut out of the AU system soon, dearie.

    SusanCD 04/20/2017  12:52pm

    Thanks, SusanCD. Please update on alternate list numbers. Thanks.

    Harlequin 04/20/2017  1:10pm

    Y'all, dumb question. Does anyone know when the EPA is next week? I came here from working the 6am shift and just realized I don't have my folder with my headshots so I only have 2 on me -__- my own fault for not being better prepared!

    courtbutt 04/20/2017  1:50pm

    Around 50 on alt called through 40

    Blackie 04/20/2017  1:52pm


    FierceConversations 04/20/2017  3:19pm

    First 10 on non-eq list have been taken upstairs. Hanging in the waiting room.

    julieandrews95 04/20/2017  3:23pm

    Next week's NYMF EPAs:
    Apr 27, 2017
    9:30 am - 5:30 pm (EDT)
    Lunch 1 to 2
    Also at the AEA Audition Center, but for 5 other musicals

    SusanCD 04/20/2017  4:23pm