• legally blonde signup 04/20/2017  2:51pm

    can someone post the signup genius for legally blonde tour? Thanks!


    is anyone else having trouble loading the page

    orangejuice 04/20/2017  2:53pm
    sheslikethewind 04/20/2017  2:53pm

    yeah, backstage is being glitchy!

    sheslikethewind 04/20/2017  2:54pm

    where is this sign up??? #HALP

    saymeow 04/20/2017  2:54pm

    Link to the men's sign up??

    workworkworkworkworkwork 04/20/2017  2:56pm

    Link to men's call


    Tompc011 04/20/2017  2:58pm

    Yes please post men's too! Thanks!

    SeñoritaPattiLu 04/20/2017  2:58pm
    musicalm 04/20/2017  3:00pm

    Happy Hunger Games

    hufflepoof 04/20/2017  3:03pm

    never mind.



    codliveroil 04/20/2017  3:04pm

    I know I'm probably not alone in this boat, however I was on the site ready to go at 3 and then of course backstage was unavailable! Ughhhhh

    If any of you lucky ladies who got a slot between 10-11 need to give it up for any reason plz let me know!! 772-607-0241

    :) thank you!

    tinydancer714 04/20/2017  3:11pm

    I know how crazy this was today and I apologize.

    a few slots have opened up for the men's call. I will keep updating here... if there are any changes since I received several hundred emails about both sites being too busy. That was because both sites were being used. I wish I had more time next week to see more actors. please understand that.

    Hopefully we will have some time to see anyone who gets there early to be seen when people don't show up.

    Alison Franck 04/20/2017  5:20pm