• PRiMA Theatre- general inquiry 04/21/2017  2:32pm

    Has anybody ever worked with this theater before? I tried to find it under Gig & Tell, but they're not listed. Can you tell my about your experience?


    I've submitted a couple times previously, but I think they tend to hire as local as possible since they're a really small company.

    Showbizdreamer 04/21/2017  2:59pm

    Yeah it looked as though they were gonna offer me a contract, but they wanted me to find my own housing AND couldn't pay me.

    TJ5616 04/22/2017  10:15am

    Oh hell naw....they wanted to cast you but YOU had to find your own housing and they "can't pay you"?? What the fresh hell is that?? I actually have family in York, but I've never assumed they'd house me and even if they did, I have no mode of transportation.
    Why do these people think they can say "we want you" but not pay us or provide housing??

    Showbizdreamer 04/22/2017  10:19am

    Yeah, if you're a professional theatre company, you have to be offering some kind of perk. Housing, pay, EMC points, SOMETHING. I am not paying out of pocket to do your show that is out of state for me for "experience" or "connections".

    TJ5616 04/22/2017  9:07pm