• Can anyone speak on the dance difficulty of past Engeman calls?

    musicalwarrior 05/17/2017  9:47pm

    Isn't it wojick/seay? They never takes unofficial and they either type or see everyone and they encourage you to get sleep. Can't speak with certainty about tomorrow but that has been their MO this season.

    Bump on dance difficulty.

    crashtheparty 05/18/2017  12:47am

    It says it's holly buczek. She usually takes a list but I didn't know in Engeman has their own rules

    Jessika 05/18/2017  5:52am

    I started a list right now. It's outside 244 w 54 because Nola's lobby has a sign saying to use the 244 enterance.

    5678kickyourface 05/18/2017  6:09am

    Super chill this morning. Less than 20 on the list as of 7:30.

    Jessika 05/18/2017  7:32am

    Bump on difficulty!

    kp3914 05/18/2017  7:47am

    Was the list moved? A few of us were outside and couldn't find it

    dancinthroughlife 05/18/2017  7:58am

    The list has been brought upstairs

    Jessika 05/18/2017  8:08am

    How's the list looking?

    qwertybelty25 05/18/2017  9:02am

    Any announcements?

    crashtheparty 05/18/2017  9:35am

    They're typing by headshot until 11!

    Dancingirl006 05/18/2017  10:09am

    Any update on the difficulty of the dance or how the men's list is looking?

    TJ5616 05/18/2017  12:46pm

    Ladies who sang: were they giving out callbacks ITR?

    M808 05/18/2017  2:00pm

    I sang and did not hear back in the room. The last time I was in for engamen same director and of course sam casting team they contacted my agent. And I didn't receive a callback in the room.

    S&J 05/18/2017  2:16pm


    Polkadot5678 05/22/2017  10:05am