• Dallas Theatre Center 05/18/2017  6:03am

    Are they seeing non union? Has the list been taken away?


    Still up. As of now, there is only one name on the list

    rowdyman 05/18/2017  6:07am

    Any updates on this?

    Singingandcats 05/18/2017  9:05am

    Will they be seeing nonunion today?

    what 05/18/2017  9:29am


    ebm2014 05/18/2017  9:36am


    human1491 05/18/2017  10:06am

    As of now, it is unclear as to if they will see non-eq

    rowdyman 05/18/2017  10:11am

    They will be seeing non-eq

    rowdyman 05/18/2017  10:25am

    What's the emc list look like and how full are appointments?

    SoMuchForThat 05/18/2017  10:44am

    Can anyone update the alternate status?

    Catsandbroadway 05/18/2017  11:31am

    17 of 25 EMCs called

    inspiredactor 05/18/2017  11:38am

    Equity appts available. Pretty dead up here.

    SteppinToTheBadSide 05/18/2017  12:15pm

    EMC update? Thanks

    inspiredactor 05/18/2017  12:17pm

    are they still seeing non-eq?

    Sunflower22 05/18/2017  1:35pm

    List still open on 16th floor, no noneq have been called yet

    human1491 05/18/2017  2:01pm

    How many non eq on the list?

    Jynqb28 05/18/2017  2:14pm

    Still working thru alternates. Hopefully will get back to EMC list soon.

    inspiredactor 05/18/2017  2:17pm

    Any updates on alts & emc?

    FierceConversations 05/18/2017  3:32pm

    Did anyone get agent appts for this?

    bobloblaw 05/19/2017  8:05am