• Question about audition/resume? 05/18/2017  8:04am

    How do you express you have housing already in the company's location (outside of NYC) for an open call audition? Is it bad to add that "bullet point" to your resume? Or do you not say anything at all until you maybe get an offer? Thanks for any help!


    I always just write it at the top of my resume!

    lululemming 05/18/2017  8:04am


    Meowmix1106 05/18/2017  8:29am

    ABSOLUTELY! If you have local housing, always write it on your resume, and you should mention it in your audition. Theaters are thrilled when they can save money by not having to pay for housing a company member. It's another point in your favor.

    Harlequin 05/18/2017  11:20am