• INTERMISSION 05/18/2017  9:30am

    Could someone please post who is in the room today? Thanks!


    How is this looking??

    Resneps 05/18/2017  9:47am


    GlennTCoco 05/18/2017  10:23am

    ITR: Justin Bohon from Binder & accompanist/MD Aaron Jodoin. Equity & EMC can get in next group. Bringing non-eq in a few at a time, not sure how list is

    VanillaIceCream 05/18/2017  10:35am

    They went through the entire noneq list while I was there.

    As_the_gayz_go_bi 05/18/2017  10:43am

    Will they accept after lunch submissions?

    asongandaprayer 05/18/2017  11:15am

    Is this still going on/list still open? Do you think I could stop by still?

    Pineapples&Glitter 05/18/2017  12:14pm

    Do you think they would still see EMC at 4:30 or is it better to not make my way all the way there ?

    hulaahoop 05/18/2017  2:30pm

    According to the list, they've seen all noneq.

    Icanseeyou 05/18/2017  3:33pm

    Were they wanting more legit or contemporary pieces

    Glamgirl 05/18/2017  10:53pm

    I know they said "comedic uptempo" in one of the breakdowns. Did they give a time line for callbacks in the holding room?

    serenitymoon123 05/19/2017  1:51pm


    serenitymoon123 05/21/2017  10:33am