• Amazing Grace spot swap 05/18/2017  12:34pm

    I have a spot at 5pm, is anyone willing to swap it for one in the morning?



    Sisi 05/18/2017  12:36pm

    You wouldn't happen to be the person who was looking to swap and a mass emails was sent from the website would you? I'm mostly curious how one goes about doing for my future reference

    Showbizdreamer 05/18/2017  12:46pm

    No I'm not

    Sisi 05/18/2017  12:47pm

    Haha no problem, not to mention I just figured it out lolz

    Showbizdreamer 05/18/2017  12:48pm

    sorry guys the slot was at 4pm but I just gave it away

    Sisi 05/18/2017  1:00pm

    Just released my 12pm time slot!

    Bento Tinderbox 05/18/2017  2:23pm