• How crowded is it? any afternoon appointments available for equity?

    Tbone 05/19/2017  9:36am

    This is interesting and disappointing. Any insight as to why they were willing to hear noneq every other day and now won't? I'm still new at this, many thanks.

    asongandaprayer 05/19/2017  9:52am

    Any afternoon Equity slots available?

    ladyinred 05/19/2017  10:10am

    How full is it? Afternoon appointments?

    Glamgirl 05/19/2017  10:38am

    Not full at all. Plenty of afternoon appointments. At this point you can just walk right in!

    ladyinred 05/19/2017  10:55am

    Weird they wouldn't see non-eq. How full were the calls? I emailed them (I'm based in Atlanta) and asked for a video and submitted today. I'm AGMA though, so I wouldn't be filed under non-equity anymore.

    serenitymoon123 05/19/2017  1:49pm


    serenitymoon123 05/21/2017  10:33am