• wRetch; the final concert 05/19/2017  2:49pm

    Hey actors! Casting call for a show I'm working on; auditions are next Friday, May 26th. Submit and pass along :)


    Auditions on Friday May 26 for the new rock/punk musical wRETCH (non-union). Will be produced in NYC at the Fresh Fruit Festival in July. Small stipend offered.

    Looking for musicians who act or actors who play instruments well. Actor-musicians will be providing the accompaniment for the piece (and ideally will be willing to use their own equipment/gear for the show).

    Please send headshot/resume and musical demo to Alex Randrup (director) at alexrandrup@gmail.com.

    Character Breakdown:
    KEYS, late 20s - 30s, female, non-white, soprano, Pan’s best friend, keyboards
    GUITAR, 20s, female, any ethnicity, new to the band, lead guitar
    BASS, early 30s, female, black, tenor, good friends with Keys, bass
    DRUMS, late 20s-40s, female, think “Animal” from the Muppets, drums
    EMT #1, 20s, male, horn player, (trumpet/trombone/sax)
    EMT #2, 30s, female, horn player (trumpet/trombone/sax)