• Connecticut xmas female dancers 08/10/2017  6:13am

    Hi friends! I started the non Eq unofficial sign up for female dancers at the security desk!


    On the fourth floor?

    Phgdancer 08/10/2017  7:49am

    Ladies unofficial non-eq list is up to 8 at 8:10AM

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 08/10/2017  8:03am

    Non-eq list has been transferred. Female up to 19 and male 8

    lu 08/10/2017  9:20am

    female list is at 27

    unnaturalred 08/10/2017  10:04am

    Are non eq guys being seen?

    America 08/10/2017  10:16am


    All I ever needed was the music and a paycheck 08/10/2017  11:14am

    Bump on non-eq situation

    Thunderbird 08/10/2017  11:25am

    Bump on non eq?

    Pokeatabba 08/10/2017  11:34am

    Any info from the guys or galsintheknow about the style/difficulty/length of this today? Thanks so much!!

    sing_happy 08/10/2017  12:21pm

    They are typing out non eq by our headshots

    erntrny 08/10/2017  12:48pm