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  • Did anyone by chance move the unofficial list at 500 pearl to 519 pearl? Backstage said it was at 500 but it's listed today at 519

    jeaniebean 09/18/2017  7:46am

    Audition is at 519 studio B, the list is here and at 24 people as of 8:02am!

    IJustWantToBeSeen 09/18/2017  7:50am

    They are accepting the unofficial list

    nycluver56 09/18/2017  8:57am

    Bump on list number

    singsingsingsingsing 09/18/2017  9:21am

    Bump on where they're at in the list.

    etmoo 09/18/2017  10:43am

    Anyone know what's going on here? Are they asking people to come back to dance later or like right away?

    rhymeswithboating 09/18/2017  10:50am

    Flying through the list. Walk in and you'll probably been seen in under 30 min.

    Asking people to possibly hear another song in the room and some asked in the room to come back and dance at 4 today

    Tompc011 09/18/2017  10:53am

    Any idea how long this call is running???

    dancrdva 09/18/2017  11:09am