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  • Palace Theatre 09/18/2017  6:55pm

    Does the Palace Theatre usually accept unofficial lists?


    no idea - but do whatever u need to do to get seen for them. it is a dream working there.

    openspace14 09/18/2017  11:25pm

    Is anyone lined up yet?

    LBass21 09/19/2017  5:50am

    The lists for both the dance and singer/mover are up. 2 on the dancer list 6 on the singer list.

    Abcdance 09/19/2017  6:38am

    How many on list?

    gottadance 09/19/2017  7:30am

    Does anyone know when the rehearsals start for Rock of Ages? It's not mentioned in the breakdown.

    Kinky&Wicked 09/19/2017  8:24am

    Rehearsals usually begin about 10 days prior to open. If that helps anyone

    BariToxic 09/19/2017  8:25am

    Thank you!

    Kinky&Wicked 09/19/2017  8:41am

    Where the lists moved to the holding room? Are they accepting them?

    5678kickyourface 09/19/2017  9:08am

    Can anyone post where this call was listed online?

    asanafterthought 09/19/2017  9:31am

    Both lists transferred. Dancer group one just went in. Breakdown was on Playbill.

    Kinky&Wicked 09/19/2017  10:04am

    Any insights on the tap portion for this? Is it crazy hard?

    All I ever needed was the music and a paycheck 09/19/2017  11:36am

    Who is in the room for these auditions today? Also, who are the directors/choreographers for the season?

    whynot 09/19/2017  12:05pm

    it should be the director/choreographer Carl and his assistant Jess and the company mgr and accomp. It is the same team for all shows always.

    openspace14 09/19/2017  12:25pm

    thank you!!

    whynot 09/19/2017  12:56pm

    thank you!!

    whynot 09/19/2017  1:02pm